Dreams players are just warming up and I'm already so impressed

Despite a lack of tutorials in the beta, folks have wasted no time toying around with Dreams and getting started on their levels, sculptures, puppets, and animations.

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tochi807d ago

This game looks like a magic, more than just a dream.

Zeke68807d ago

Maybe they should rename it "Magic Dreams" ;)

traumadisaster807d ago

I too thought it looked like magic and dreams when I saw the first snippet years ago and was excited, I wanted to flow through the spectacle creating a new art game experience.

Now all I see is indie student half life mods from the last decade, i cant believe this is what we got.

I mean its great what it is, like Progect Spark or even Disney Infinity ( my kids make awsome worlds) and I'm glad there is this game on Sony...but it's just not captivating like the first advertisements, I was hoping for so much more.

FunAndGun807d ago

Well, it just started the Beta. Not sure what you're expecting after a few weeks, but the creative journey has to start somewhere, and remaking other games/art is how you learn.

I kinda feel different than you. I was also super excited on the first reveal of this game, but now that the NDA ended and I have seen more creations, my excitement has climbed higher. Of course there will always be a huge amount of crap on there, but I have no doubt there will be some amazing ideas, games, creations, and art.

Goldby807d ago

some of the tutorials are even finished in the game yet, so it is still very impressive what people are able to figure out for themselves.

sprinterboy807d ago

This games literally being able to "lucid dream"