Why The Conduit Won't Sell Well

Slashgamer Writes: "However, a game like The Conduit probably won't sell well - not matter how good it is. Most people who have bought the Nintendo Wii are looking for the casual/simple game - that's why the hardware sold so well. The motion controls made it simple for the user to pick up and play. Take Wii-Play for example, which received terrible reviews but it sold incredibly well. And guess what, people actually enjoyed playing it. And their reason for their enjoyment - it was simple."

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lloyd_wonder4273d ago

Who buys a wii for games anyway?

Smacktard4273d ago

You could say the same thing for the PS3.

Shoko4273d ago

People who wanna play great games.

Mario Galaxy- 9.7
Metroid Prime 3- 9.5
Twilight Princess- 9.5
Super Smash Bros Brawl- 9.5
Zack and Wiki- 9
Okami- 9
Medal of Honor 2- 8.5
Mario Kart Wii- 8.5

Watch me get "disagrees" although 've said nothing wrong.....

But anyways, this article is horrible. He's basically saying that there's no hardcore gamers on the Wii. Then why is No More Heroes Suda 51's best selling game? EVER. MoH2 had solid sales. SSBB was on top of charts for years.

lloyd_wonder4273d ago

Lol, Tard. The PS3 has a lot more great games than the wii. The only good titles the wii has are Mario and Zelda.

Look at all these flops...

Here's the PS3's list...

You fail. Wii Music and Animal Crossing are next to flop.

ChickeyCantor4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

"The only good titles the wii has are Mario and Zelda"

Now that my friend is pure ignorance, i'm not gonna argue what is better or not but why say Wii only has Mario and Zelda while the guy above you made a tiny list of actuall good games and so many not even mentioned and yet to come.

Why is your "comment" more true than smacktards?

Animal crossing flopping? i don't think you understand the Word "flop".
Going by the sales of the DS game of AC i hardly think that will be a flop.

Getyour head out of your @ss.
you just hating on the Wii, shut up now k? thnx.

Btw going by "ratings"...All down to 6 is still decent so i don't see what you are crying about.
Funny how you call a game a flop by taking "ratings" into this.
You are a joke, if those 2 games sell very well and yet get low scores from gaming websites it's still not a flop.

Maxned4273d ago

Lloyd, you dont have a FU**ING wii, so how the hell would you know that "the only good games are mario and zelda."

Stop right there.


badz1494273d ago

but seriously, what are the 3rd party action games that sold so much on the Wii anyway?

mpmaley4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

@ 1.2

Except nobody bought Okami and Z&W

JsonHenry4273d ago

My Wii has been sitting in a box for months now. I have gamefly but ever since I got bored with Smash Brothers pathetic excuse for an online I have not played it since.

ChampIDC4273d ago

It's going to be a simple situation. The small base of hardcore gamers with a Wii will go nuts over this game, and the rest of the casuals won't care at all. Hopefully, there's enough of those hardcores that the game will be a success. I'd hate to see such a great game flop.

razorbladelight4272d ago

maybe that's a sign that you should get some real friends. When you're complaining that you can't get friends to actually physically sit next to you and play one of the most fun multi-player games of all time, you know you need some fresh air.

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ChickeyCantor4273d ago

"On top of that, while gameplay is indeed important, first-person-shooters are generally rated high when the visuals look great. One of the main factors for graphics to be an essential part for this particular genre is because a FPS needs to be immersive. The player is playing through the eyes of the main character, if the environment doesn’t feel and act like a real world, it destroys the whole purpose. While The Conduit certainly looks good for the Wii, it doesn’t compare to games like Call of Duty or Killzone 2."

Crap this guy doesn't realize that With the Wii, it isn't really about the GFX.
Let's be honest the game doesn't look bad at all and can give a great look on a SD-TV( dunno how it will look on a HD TV). But this guy is totally ignoring the fact that the "immersion" must come from the controller and not visuals when we talk about the Wii.

Yeah but why hype the visuals? simply because HVS is showing that they at least care for quality when it comes to looks, and not taking the easy way out. This makes the game more worthy, they put lots of work into this. Also this is great for their portfolio, and i hope other developers will do the same for future Wii games...more heart and soul into their work.

My money goes to HVS, they deserve it.

hfaze4273d ago

If The Conduit does not do well, that would be a shame. It is the one Wii game coming out that I am most excited about.

I'll be picking it up to check out what all this new graphics engine is capable of, and to see if they have got the controls right for a Wii FPS. Metroid was pretty good, hopefully The Conduit will be more refined.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34273d ago

This is going to be one of the hottest titles for the Wii! It's the nintendo version of Halo(imo it looks better than Halo3). That's right, Halo, the preffered shooter for little kids. The same little kids who probably make up the majority of Wii owners.

Sure the Wii is a system for casual gamers, but with this being one of the only "hardcore" games coming out for it, this game is going to do well.

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