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Sony’s released some impressive exclusives this generation which have pushed the boundaries of story-telling and audiovisual entertainment. Dreams… Well, it’s something else entirely. It’s an astounding technical achievement with unprecedented ambition.

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starchild804d ago

You can make quite complex games within Dreams. The potential is off the charts. Someone even remade part of Dead Space in it. That was very cool.

NarutoFox804d ago

I agree Dead Space was cool 😊

sprinterboy803d ago

The awesome thing is that dead space isn't even the best thing in it.
My personal favourite is a game like marvel madness but with a awesome identical sonic the hedge hog look to the world in 3d.
Dreams is literally a game changer and Sony will have MM to thank once the VR stuff comes too.

rainslacker804d ago

Same here. I was never that into the idea because i'm not that into creating art, but the past year has made me want this big time. Love what I've seen made by some of the people out there so far, and I can't express how impressive the creation tools are.

sprinterboy803d ago

My only fault atm is the amount of times I have to press options to re centre imp.
Been amazed at some of the horror games and peoples music also.

AnotherProGamer804d ago

Its impressive what people have made in a few weeks where they gad to learn how to use the tools

Imagine when millions get these tools and what they could produce in months/years

SuperSonic91803d ago

Dreams is basically a game engine!
I hope online multiplayer is free. No PS+ needed.

ravinash803d ago

Hopefully this will be working on the PS5 when it comes out.

SuperSonic91803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

If Sony promotes this game like their AAA games and movies this game could be the next big game like Minecraft.

This game has:

Graphics Design:
Concept Art, 3D Modelling , 3D Animation, Lighting, VFX, Particle Effects

Sound Design:
Music, Voice and Sound Effects Recording Composition , Arranging, Editing and Production

Social Media Sharing etc etc
You name it!
Its like going to Video Game College in Game Design for $60.

My goodness!
Day One Baby!

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StormSnooper804d ago

I wonder what people will do with it.

DarXyde804d ago


They will do everything.

kayoss804d ago

Remember the game Little Planet and what many talented gamers did to create their own levels. Well, from what ive heard, Dreams gives a lot more freedom with what you can create. If you give people the right tools, you will soon find out that there are many talented hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

sprinterboy803d ago

The tutorials are also easy, fun, and easy to follow.

drizzom804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Im under NDA so I cant really say much but this looks pretty competent. The creation tools are pretty impressive. There are limits but they arent bluffing when they say you can create almost any type of game.

Imalwaysright804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Is it possible to import audio files and have voice acting? If so, then this game will have tremendous potential and could be a huge game changer in this industry.

Edit: Looked it up myself and yes we can :)

Cajun Chicken804d ago

If this has been delayed for PSVR implementation, this is going to be a PSVR killer app.

Nacho_Z804d ago

It's more of an event than a game, it could change a lot. There are going to be so many legitimately great games produced by it, I don't know if it's going to end up being monetised or not and I wouldn't be surprised if it was but it's going to be a game changer.

mkis007803d ago

It will be the next big name in games. Think what happened to Minecraft.

MoonConquistador803d ago

By monetised, do you mean people being charged for what other users are creating? That never happened with LBP so I see no reason to think they will with dreams.

Nacho_Z803d ago

Hopefully they will follow the precedent of LBP, but if Dreams takes off in a big way and people are producing full games that stand shoulder to shoulder with professional developers' games, then I think it'd be inevitable that eventually money would come into it.

AmUnRa803d ago

No, it is so when you create something you can ask money for it. But there will be tons of creations that will be free. Whatever, games ore cartoons ore music ore a combination of the 3.
So if you dont have the skills to make your own content, can play other gamers creations. amazing!! So must buy fore me.

MoonConquistador803d ago

@AmUnRa - With a mindset like that you'll have a position at Microsoft one day.

When you buy into this you buy into a community of sharing ideas and content with fellow users for the betterment of the games, not so people can make money from the community.

frostypants803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

@Nacho_Z: "but if Dreams takes off in a big way and people are producing full games that stand shoulder to shoulder with professional developers' games, then I think it'd be inevitable that eventually money would come into it."

Dreams will still surely have some constraints just as a function of its user-friendliness and do-it-all nature of its engine (for example I doubt someone could re-make the entirety of Horizon Zero Dawn, have it look just as good, AND run just as smoothly). Developers who can truly develop with tools closer to the metal will always be capable of's not like Dreams will make C development (for example) obsolete. But perhaps Dreams will raise the bar and force "real" developers to be more consistently innovative, or at the very least technically proficient. I.E. it could increase the average quality of professionally published games by increasing player expectations of what such titles should look like. Players will look at professional games and measure them based on the answer to the question: "could we have truly done this ourselves in Dreams?"...and professional devs will fear that and try to stay above that benchmark.

I think a lot of the lesser indie devs in particular should be afraid.

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