A Netflix for video games? Why a longtime dream is closer than ever to coming true

As companies including Microsoft and Verizon explore cloud-based gaming, players and businesses alike are nearing the achievement of a longtime dream.

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SpaceRanger805d ago

Netflix: Streams Movies with the option to download
PSNow: Streams games with the option to download

Yet PSNow, a service which holds the largest share of this market, isn’t mentioned once? Clearly the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

slate91805d ago

Can't help but agree. That is a big error.

NecrumOddBoy805d ago

LoL, it's the Washington Post. They are one of the most disgusting leftwing news outlets and really have no place in games either.

darthv72805d ago

Blame Sony, since.. you know... it's their service that they hardly advertise. I see more ads for PSVue than PSNow. If journalists aren't constantly made aware of it then how can they write about it?

Plus it is limited in scope as to what you can use it with. Had Sony not canceled it from PS3, Vita and some of their TV's then it prob would get more credit than it does. That's the thing about Netflix... it's still viable on many different devices. Hence why other services trying to offer it to a wide variety of consumers are being given that moniker.

I have a feeling though that Sony is working to make PSNow more widely available so we may end up seeing it work on IOS and Android devices as well as other set top boxes at some point in the near future.

Nitrowolf2805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

They’re “journalist” it’s there job to do research lol

Yes I won’t lie that Sony hasn’t advertised it well enough, but if someone’s gonna write an article regardless the service is there and should be known even a bit

I agree with ur second point though, I do think Sony is eventually gonna come back again and support other devices. I think it was just a bad time to do it and try to support only certain models of tvs. That and it’s possible there really isn’t a market for it considering most heavy gamers have the tools for it to play locally. I bought it (psnow) to play some of those games but barely use the service myself. And if Xbox started to offer the option to stream, I’d pick download everytime

2pacalypsenow805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

So because Sony doesn't advertise it everywhere, it shouldn't be considered as an option even though it does what is being considered the future, now?

Nice spin on that one.

darthv72805d ago

@2pac, that's how marketing works. If it isnt being talked about then people think it isnt being taken seriously. All Sony has to do is just advertise more and those who may have been unaware become aware.

It isn't about who did what first but more about who is making the most noise about it now and getting the attention.

That's not spin, that's fact.

Saigon804d ago

This reminds of the PS Camera situation. Sony had been doing since the PS2, when MS introduced the Kinect it was considered or in the same bucket as this 'Netflix for games' the future. I hate to say this but where does this future of gaming stands now. Last time i checked, most still use the PS Camera on the PS4 more than the Kinect on XO. Which received the most amount of press? Which was considered system selling? Which was considered the wave of the future (Things to come)? MS hyperbole gets sickening after a while. Especially since there are so many companies already streaming games and Sony is one of them.

2pacalypsenow804d ago


Right but this article isn't marketing, and Verizon is not advertising it yet they are mentioned in the article.

darthv72804d ago

@saigon, I know what you are trying to say but your examples are just a tad off. PS2 had eyetoy and the PS3 eye was an upgrade to that while on the 360 there was the live vision camera first. Kinect was not an upgrade but something radically different. The PS4 camera has more in common to the kinect than it does with the previous eye's. The reason why people use the ps4 camera is because of vr but before that it wasnt promoted nor mandatory like kinect started out to be. People are more receptive to options than being forced to adopt something they dont have an interest in.

@2pac, verizon isnt advertising it because its not ready yet but you can bet they will. In the meantime.... sony could do more to promote their service and in doing so it will take away some of that attention from the others. And it will make it aware to those who didnt know. It's all marketing, both direct (advertising) and indirect (building awareness that its coming). Right now Ms, google, Verizon and even Amazon are all working on this stuff and building awareness.

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rainslacker805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

That's because Sony doesn't spend all its time making a big deal about it, so people forget, and journalists can't be bothered to deal with facts and do research. They need a deadline for their article which probably took less time to write than one of my 4000 character comments on these forums.

" If journalists aren't constantly made aware of it then how can they write about it? "

LOL. I dunno, Research perhaps. As an effort to give their readers the facts. In an effort to appear informed and competent. the purpose of journalism should be to inform, not spread one's own ignorance. I mean, apparently this was a long time dream, but they had no clue about PSNow? How do you not read something about PSNow when you hear about these other streaming services? They go almost hand in hand.

It's limited in scope beause Sony dialed back what it was available on. Don't you think that if it was wanted on those devices, or used enough to make it worthwhile to support, that Sony would have continued supporting it? why do you think MS will do any better than Sony did in those markets. They have even less presence in the TV and mobile phone market than Sony does, and the general public doesn't give two craps about MS products outside of having to use their OS and productivity software at work, and for email.

Yeah, the services are viable on other devices, there just isn't much demand for it. And I don't see mobile devices becoming a big market for a while to come yet.

darthv72805d ago

Research is something few and far between these days... it seems.

As to the rest of your comment. I don't think much of anything of what MS or Verizon or Google are doing really. I was simply pointing out what could possibly be a reason nobody mentions Sony. If it was an article about who did what first then yeah... Sony should get some credit.

Since it's about who is doing things now to expand the reach and capitalize on things moving forward then it is what it is.

crazyCoconuts805d ago

I agree with you rainslacker, but for the time being journalism is dead. When we paid for our newspapers and magazines there was at least hope that the money would be able to fund done competent journalists and editors. Now we get it for free and the only people left paying are advertisers. With native advertising its only getting worse.

Brazz805d ago

I agree, sony is already doing this whit ps now, but some people just ignore and act like MS is the pioneer in this are. What a joke!

darthv72805d ago

For what it's worth, like I said before, it's not about who did it first but who is making the most of it now and getting attention.

Sony can just as easily take the attention away from Verizon by just advertising the service more. But it's limited to just PC and PS4. They had much better odds when it was PS3, Vita, PC, and Bravia TV's to promote it on. More choices is always better than less.

rainslacker804d ago


If that's the case, then Sony is making the most of it now, and when they started, they didn't get the positive attention MS did. In fact, many people were quite hostile over the idea. Now, MS announces something, makes some promises, hasn't delivered, and they're going to be the leaders of the netflix of gaming.

It's stupid, and if journalist did their jobs properly, they would recognize who is leading, and then use that to say why MS will make more of it. Not ignore the competition to make a case for MS.

Dizzy11523805d ago

lol PS Now sucks and should be half the price it is. Streaming is a joke.

S2Killinit804d ago

Its better than MS’s version. But i agree, we dont need a paid monthly service.

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AK91805d ago

I doubt that’s it’s a dream that many gamers want.

S2Killinit804d ago

This is MS money for advertising. Imagine if they spent it to make games instead.

Kabaneri805d ago

Dream for who exactly? Because most serious gamers already have a console and/or PC.

opc805d ago

A dream for game publishers. Imagine Smart TVs, Rokus, Amazon fire sticks with some xcloud or project streaming apps that work with bluetooth controllers. They want to get people to subscribe for $9 and then forget about it.

As someone that only plays single player games and never plays them twice... I'm kind of interested in seeing where this goes.

crazyCoconuts805d ago

I'm interested too, but I agree with Rainslacker... PSNow was on a path to push to every device under the sun. They started, got it on some devices, and suddenly stopped and dialed it back. PS Now is still very alive...bigger than GamePass. But only on the PS4 and PC. My guess is that with current network technology for it to be good, it's got to be wired. To be wired you need a box. If you're willing to buy a box it might as well be a console.

kevnb805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

I still think this is just coming from suits who don't understand that games are interactive. When you stream movies you get data and your device processes the entire thing on your end. With games it just doesnt work like this, you end up with an inferior experience and the processing has to be pretty much all server side, which doesnt make a lot of business sense to me.

1nsomniac805d ago

Nvidia’s GameStream has changed my opinion completely on game streaming. Kudos to them currently with it being free until proper full release and also with the move to bring Steam in is genius!

I’m worried about how much they’ll charge once it goes fully live. I wouldn’t be willing to pay much for it though. Don’t see why it should be any more than £5 a month max.

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