Resident Evil 2 Remake is three times more popular than Resident Evil 7 on Steam

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 appears to be doing well for itself on PC, already boasting more than three times the number of players of the previous mainline entry in the series, Resident Evil 7.

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-Foxtrot812d ago

Obviously it’s better by a mile

One of the best RE titles for a long time, it’s fantastic

Blu3_Berry810d ago

It really is, hell I'd go as far to say that this is probably my favorite Resident Evil game as of now. It truly is a masterpiece.

--bienio--810d ago

Agree!! At the moment GOTY and it’s just beginning of the year.

naruga810d ago

obviously... RE 7 is not even a RE game....its a piece of st that never should have been born

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SuperSonic91812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Great job, Capcom.
Thank you Mikami and Kamiya san for the original.

BadElf810d ago

Bro, the san's are reading this lol

OpenGL810d ago

I skipped 7 because I had no interest in a first person RE and don't own PSVR.

pietro1212810d ago

I almost skipped it because of that too, but I gave it a go. I'm you don't need the psvr and it was a pretty enjoyable game. Far better than that mess that was RE6. Despite the setting and plot of RE7 it felt more like a RE title than the past few mainstream entries.

Sgt_Slaughter810d ago

I'm shocked they pulled the franchise out of the burial ground they made for it after Resident Evil 6 happened. Shocked, but impressed. Capcom should treat all of their franchises like the way they are currently treating RE.

pasta_spice810d ago

True! I'm actually curious to know what they plan to do from the franchise from here. It would be interesting if they rebooted/remade the entire series, but altered the story later on so it doesn't get crazy like RE5 and RE6 did.

I don't know if Capcom would actually go to that effort, but it would be pretty cool if they did.

philps810d ago

Thanks for the great discussion. It really helped to understand more in detail. Thank You.

Segata810d ago

As bad as 6 was the western spinoffs were far worse. Even as recent as this generation with Umbrella Corps set in the RE universe that was so insanely bad it made Raccoon City on 360 looks passable. RE6 for all its problems looked like RE4 next to them. It would have been really hard to sink lower than Umbrella Corps.

moomoo319810d ago

To be fair RE7 came out a year ago and was big on ps4 and psvr, would expect the newest release to be doing better lol

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The story is too old to be commented.