Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding Release “Will Take A While”

Hideo Kojima suggests that Death Stranding will take some time to release, but has not disclosed properly whether the game will release in 2019 or not.

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THC CELL50d ago

This game is new and should not be rushed. Take ya time

UltraNova50d ago

Definitely agree. We have more than enough games to play until then.

Nitrowolf250d ago

At least this somewhat puts to rest the speculation that it’s coming out this year.

I was hoping with all the talk about it recently that it would be possible, But hey at least as long as he’s talking about the development it won’t be too bad of a wait

UltraNova50d ago


Bare in mind that Kojima is major troll when it comes to info on his games so I wouldn't be surprised if DeathS is released this year.

dumahim50d ago

He is a troll, but he's also well known for taking forever to release a game.

WelkinCole49d ago

Yeah as usual we PS gamers have too many games to play

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NarutoFox50d ago

Definitely a PS5 launch title

Razzer49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

From the guy who was claiming just a few weeks ago that PS5 would launch in 2019?

ps4fanboy50d ago

gutted , seriously looking forward too it , but tbh , if it comes to being on p4/pro or , looking like a full on cgi movie on p5 release title... , p5 deal for me. cannot wait.

sampsonon50d ago

it's a ps4 game. it will be on the ps5 when it releases in fall 2020 - 2021.

demonicale50d ago

Sources? ... yeah, you don't have any.

sampsonon49d ago

@demonicale: deductive logic. I could explain it and give you all the sources, but what fun would that be?
2016 2020 =4 2021 = 5 - time wasted on creating a new engine + sony's devs pitching in means awhile which most likely means 1 to 2 years out.
oops! i explained it

demonicale50d ago

LMAO! .... "Full on CGI movie on Ps5" ...

sampsonon50d ago

it's smart to say it will take a while. this way people don't get their hopes up for 2019, but it doesn't mean it won't come out this year. most likely early 2020.

OffRoadKing49d ago

lol, you kinda contradicted yourself.

sampsonon49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

not really

Potnoodle99950d ago

To be honest after this comment I agree. With all the showings to devs of the game lately I did think it would be this year. Unfortunately it looks like it will be 2020, maybe even late 2020.

You don’t say a games release will take a while if it’s coming out this year.

Markusb3350d ago

Didn't he pretend to be a fake studio and dress up covered in bandages just to troll people over metal gear ?
The guy loves to tease and play games while creating games. I wouldn't rule anything out

Seraphim49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It's Jan right now. Takes a while could mean any number of things. A while could be another 6-8 months, 3-6 months, 9+ months. Or "I'll be there in a while" meaning w/in the hour, a couple hours... A while isn't a good indication of how much more time is required. Now Kojima is a perfectionist so yeah, I could see this sliding into 2020 depending on where they're at, how he feels about it, etc. But I certainly wouldn't jump on "a while" meaning that it's definitely not releasing this year... Summer would now be a leap possibly but Fall-Winter could easily be on the boards.

XxSPIDEYxX50d ago

PS3 went out with a bang, so not surprised that the PS4 will as well. Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, too good.

ClayRules201250d ago

Yep, and can’t forget Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams. What a way to end this absolutely incredible console generation for PS4.

phoenixwing49d ago

Ghost of tsushima and dreams are my most anticipated.