Oculus Quest feels like the Nintendo Switch of VR

The $400 Oculus Quest arrives this spring. There's nothing quite like it.

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2pacalypsenow804d ago

So it’s underpowered and full of ports?

EddieNX 804d ago

It breaks the boundaries of what a mobile console is, like the Switch.

crazyCoconuts804d ago

If they can figure out how to make it a social and connected platform the power might not be a huge drawback for people. I wouldn't say this is positioned for the serious gamers... They're trying to make a play for the mainstream. I don't know how they make it "cool" to be seen in public wearing one of these things though, that's tough...

S2Killinit804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Underpowered but it will be great because it will show people what true VR is. People trying the Samsung VR or google cardboard VR at best buys and frys electronics walk off feeling underwhelmed and think that is all there is to VR. This will fix that. Its affordable, and its accessible with a respectable performance.

804d ago
instantstupor803d ago (Edited 803d ago )


I mean, GearVR is definitely waaay better than Cardboard, but it will not really be all that close to Quest. GearVR has only 3DoF tracking for its headset and single controller. It's a good entry point on the cheap, like the Oculus Go. Quest, on the other hand, is 6DoF in both HMD and controller tracking. That's such a huge difference, it's hard to effectively state. Just being able to lean in and out is a big enough difference, much less having two controllers, much less having them both be tracked in 6DoF.

Quest will likely be visually similar to GearVR or Go, but experientially it'll be far more like the PSVR's/Rift's/Vive' ;s of the segment.

Einhander1971804d ago

Try PSVR not those silly pretend cardboard headsets😂

Venox2008804d ago

...especially on PS4 Pro :)

_LarZen_804d ago

Cant wait to get this. Probably going to run into a wall...but totally worth it!