IGN: N64 Expansion Pak

Last week, IGN Retro profiled the bungled 32X add-on for the SEGA Genesis, a device designed to boost the performance of the flagging 16-bit system. The attachment tanked due to very weak software support, a terrible launch price, and the impending generational transition. The lessons of trying to overhaul a system with an add-on like the 32X have been remembered since 1995, but Nintendo did indeed try something similar itself in 1998 with a power booster for the Nintendo 64 -- the Expansion Pak. However, the Expansion Pak and 32X, while sharing the same purpose, are entirely different beasts that prove Nintendo was paying attention while SEGA's add-on was flailing.

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JustinSaneV24275d ago

Wow, that brings back memories...

Good ol' Majora's Mask.

Not so great Donkey Kong...

vitz34275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

"In fact, Rare and Nintendo admitted readily that approximately 35-percent of the game is playable without the Expansion Pak, which includes the entire single-player campaign."

Fail. Perfect Dark's single player was NOT available without an expansion pack. Only the multiplayer was, and even that was gimped.

Utter fail IGN. Sad that I have a better memory then the "pros".

poopface14275d ago

I got the expansion pack after I got turok 2 and rouge squadron. later got PD, and Its good taht I already had the expansion pack. Still got it in my n64 where ever that is.