Evilgamerz: Valkyria Chronicles Review: 9.5/10

Evilgamerz Reviews Valkyria Chronicles 9.5/10

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Rikitatsu5204d ago (Edited 5204d ago )

SEGA beats Square-Enix at its own game

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sonarus5204d ago (Edited 5204d ago )

The title is great and all the PS3 owners moaning about JRPG's should check it out. Easily one of the best RPG's of the yr

joemayo765204d ago

This game can't come out soon enough.....

As good as the gears of war 2s ,and the R2s are hyped to be (AND THEY WILL be GOOD) THIS is the game im most hyped for, and will probably be playing most during those cold winter storms :)

FBl5204d ago

Read the title to this comment over and over again,and maybe,just maybe Xbox 360 owners:Maybe you'll finally realize why 3rd Party publishers and developers no longer look at your platform as the bread winner.

Snukadaman_5204d ago

so that makes it a A game..not AAA douche.

Joejoefhosho5204d ago

And there were like 3-4 of them WOW!!!!

Mr Fancy Pants5204d ago

what Triple AAA means anyway? Triple AAA = Hype, Sales, Scores? everything combined?

anyway the PS3's getting a lot of awesome games!

FBl5204d ago


morganfell5204d ago

The demo has been a blast and quite a few sites are giving the game extremely high marks.

ash_divine5204d ago

Go SEGA, hopefully this gives Square-Enix some motivation.

supremacy5204d ago

another ps3 exclusive getting a good score, that makes 6 games already with high ratings, motor storm 2, wipeout HD, Naruto storm, Littlebigplanet, Resistance 2, Valkarie.

well? guys do you see white knight chronicles and killzone 2 getting high scores as well?

ablecain5204d ago

I'm absolutely psyched for White Knight Chronicles and Killzone 2 looks almost too good to be true. I'm telling you, the PS3 has the better exclusives, I don't even think it's close.

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The story is too old to be commented.