Wrath of the Lich King: The End Of New WoW Players? contributor Curtis Wright expresses his worries about whether or not WoW's newest expansion will alienate new players. This news was found using's twitter feed, located at

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MountainMaverick4274d ago

Well I don't care. I'm gonna buy Lich King on day one.

tinydancer4274d ago

Same here. It's crazy to me that WoW is still growing in popularity after 4 whole years.

MountainMaverick4274d ago

That SlapStic tweeter feed sure is popular all of a sudden.

tinydancer4274d ago

I disagree with this. I think new users have plenty of room in the gaming world of WoW.

RKRigney4274d ago

I'm not a WoW player and I kinda feel like it's too late to jump in...

Captain_Sony4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

All MMO's have the same problem. As they continue to progress, new players are left trying to level in dead areas with little chance of a group to get to a level that is ever increasing. The economy shifts with every expansion and items become more expensive to obtain. I noticed on my server many lower level blue items were higher price than some of the 60-70 gear was. What they really need to do is add in some new mid level content to get older players to play their alts through and it will give newer players a chance to see what WoW is really about by instancing with a group and make armor, items for that level range affordable again to new players.

iceice1234273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

How to handle it. They decreased the EXP required to level from 20-60 a few months back. Recently, in preparation for Wrath of the Lick King, they decreased the experience needed from 60-70 by 30%. So even if you're totally new there won't be a problem with catch up.

Montrealien4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I also dissagree. Are you even an MMo player? RK?

We really need an "opinion" marker for some of these stories.

moe844273d ago

I don't think it is too late to jump into WoW. If you can find a good group of people to roll with. Or even have a few friends that either do, or want to play. Leveling can be done very easily. With the experience cut, and re-tuning of Npcs it shouldn't take long to get up high enough to enjoy the game. Now you may not hit 68-70 area by Nov 13th(depends on how much you play before then), but you can get up high enough and still have plenty of people who are still in need of leveling. Hell, just get to the upper fifties, and find a few Death Knights to roll with come Nov. You'll be good to go =)

The change Blizz made a while back, lowering the level for the first ground mount to 30(from 40), and the cost change. Is a big help, the thirties always had that drag feel traveling through large zones by foot. Druids and Shamans were the only ones who really had a way around it before.

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Captain_Sony4274d ago

I'm probably getting it on release but waiting a day or two before I pop on depending on how things go. Having millions of players come back on the day of the expansions always leads to some lag issues, server restarts, etc.

moe844273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Disagree. Blizz made it so much easier, both time wise, and difficulty wise to level from 20-60, then 60-70. What would the addition of new content for new players do? They still have to start from 1, and work their way to 58/60. Then go to Outlands, and work to 68/70.. then Northrend. The lack of new, lower level content changes nothing. You still have to level. Given, older players may not be as focused on building a new character from the ground up as in Burning Crusade. With a "new" class for each faction, as well as a new race for each faction. But this has no effect on new players. If anything it will help attract some, being that leveling is easier after 20, because of the experience cut to 70. And the re-tuning of NPCs.

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