PS3 vs Xbox 360 Fallout 3 Graphics Comparison

The neverending debate over which console makes prettier pictures continues with Bethesda's epic Fallout 3. GamesRadar has played a bit of each, scrutinized the footage, and now present you with their findings.

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Silogon4302d ago

hahahah, that video cannot be serious... look how absurdly grainy and blocky it is. As I said, the Ps3 version looks like ass... I've played it and I own it and I'm trying to give it away in a contest as we speak.... I can't speak for the xbox 360 version, but the engine just isn't here for a great looking experience. I'm sorry.

chaosatom4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

I warned u.

Those were pretty low-res solution, so it's impossible to decide.
But Conclusion is: They look the same.

Hydrolex4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

yes the 360 version kinda looks better in THAT VIDEO ! THAT VIDEO

jwatt4302d ago

I think this was a bad comparison video.

4302d ago
dro4302d ago

the funny thing is if they used the ps3 cell propley they will not be any need for all this videos!!!

Pika-pie4302d ago

Cant make a reasonable comparison from that clip, the resolution is about the same as a gameboy colour.

Will still pick up both version to make my own decision before commiting my time.

mikeslemonade4302d ago

The game in general isn't impressive visually so I don't care. I care more about the framerate in this situation. It's like GTA4 who cares if you have the better looking version when the game looks ass average.

MaxXAttaxX4302d ago

You know it!

They both looked better than the other in different situations.
And besides, as long as they keep porting from 360 to PS3, it'll never be exactly the same.

shovelbum4302d ago

How can anyone take them serious with that type of quality video? Were they playing gamecube on a 25" floor model from the 70's? That was such a waste of time like all these comparison articles and vids.

Lifendz4302d ago

trying to save your own credibility. Don't worry, no one cares what you wrote on your biased site.

JsonHenry4302d ago

The PS3 and the 360 are so close in capabilities (typically) that the comparisons really need to stop.

If you want a real comparison of the consoles then you should compare both the PS3 and the 360 to the PC version to see how well the consoles are holding up a few years after their release. ( I think they are both doing great for no more than what is under the hood of the consoles )

Real Gambler4302d ago

No punt intended about the "cell" phone either!

That has to be the crappiest video ever!! There nothing worst, even on youtube, quality wise! Some people have too much time on their hands obviously!

P.S.: If they are really that crappy, I'm even happier since I got the PC version, and it does look awesome (I didn't even crank the graphic because my video card is 1 year old).

Fallen_Angel4302d ago

wow they both look like crap if they really look that bad then who cares

GameForFame4302d ago

Dude, I have both versions (360 & PS3) - I work at a Gamestore and was able to take home a used version of the 360 someone brought in, they were saying something about first off the 360 one already has its fair share of problems. Visually...the two, they are not drastically doesn't look like ass compared to the other. This game, visually, is not amazing by any standards. Hell, I should put a video comparing the two, it would entirely better quality than this is. If you're saying the PS3 version looks like ass than you have to say that the other does too...if someone were running the two on two different TVs and you didn't know which one was which you wouldn't be able to tell. Honestly, you wouldn't. After adjusting in game lighting, making sure your HD TV is all specd out right in terms of HD graphics with the PS3 they look damn near identical. But this game in general is nothing to marvel at graphics wise...that goes for the PC version too...which I've seen in action for a few hours at a friends.

Cynical-Gamerzus4302d ago

spoiled by Wipeout HD ,GT5 and XMB,and Bluray!!

We are beggining to expect quality stuff!!!
After viewing the Incredible Hulk on BLuray and Wipeout HD!!
Can you blame us for expecting a PS3 game to look like well a PS3 game,I.e not a friggin low budget hand me down PC engine port of the 360!!!

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chaosatom4302d ago

This is gameradar we are talking about.

FBl4302d ago

Since the Ps3 version is the only version with true HiDefinition graphics,it is in fact the best looking version of Fallout 3.

Aquanox4302d ago

How are we supposed to notice any difference in a low quality 5 inch video?

Kleptic4302d ago

another typical comparison...first word is that the 360 gets the jump with 'slightly better and more consistancy'...then several reviews don't even mention it...then the comparison videos show nothing of the sort...

that video was crap though...I hope it was the video and not the game because both version chugged at numerous times (think it was the video though, because when it would happen both 360 and PS3 version seemed to be moving at 5 fps)...

I also innitially though the 360 had a much further draw distance...but then saw how it was simply the camera was centered differently on the horizon between the two...the PS3 version the horizon was just lower on the screen compared to the 360 at numerous times...but all the background detail was there for both...

neither looked overly impressive far as open world games go right now, it still looks like GTAIV is the best looking one...and thats saying something, but GTAIV doesn't even look that ridiculous...Far Cry 2 was a pretty big let down for both consoles imo...the pop for both systems was just too much to take, and really hurt the immersion of the world...

InMyOpinion4302d ago

I would trust what they write if they could back it up by posting a video comparison that's actually watchable.

olivia4302d ago

the ps3 version is more vivid and bright while the 360 is darker,overall on a standard tv bout version will look similar,while on a full hd 1080p tv the ps3 will show more vivical improvement,which is clearly shown thank u and have a wonderful day

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chaosatom4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

"we’re sorry to say that neither console looks consistently better than the other. Some textures look better on PS3, while others look broken. Some colors look more vibrant on 360, but some look more washed out. "

Danja4302d ago

The video quality sucks so probably we should wait for Gmaetrailers even though they'll probably make the PS3 version look even more crappy than it is...

ne ways the game isn't that graphically astounding ne ways so who cares which version looks better aslong a gameplay is tight thats all that matters.....

Jinxstar4302d ago

Is it the same experience? So long as that holds true then whatever. Unless someone has a hard on for DLC then it doesn't matter. You buy this game for Story not graphics. If I want graphics I'll get Alan Wake or Killzone 2.

elorm94302d ago

Looked like I was watching something even a PS1 could do. :|

FBl4302d ago

It looks best on Ps3

spongeboob4302d ago

I don't give a truck which looks better i just wish they release a patch to fix all the bugs in this game soon. The bugs make the game feel rushed and i think it needed a few more months in the cooker.