Anthem's demo struggles to reach 60 fps at higher resolutions

The demo using different PCs and settings gave mixed results.

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kevnb805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

Who pays for these articles? They set such an awful tone, especially for people who aren’t that technical. It’s pretty obvious what they are doing to me, just not why. People see stuff like this and they think it runs much better on console when it actually is locked at 30 FPS and much lower settings lol.

Hungryalpaca805d ago

It actually drops below 20 FPS on the consoles.

My GTX 1080 was struggling at 1440p. It would be at 90fps then in combat dip below 30 randomly. It was super annoying.

kevnb804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

lower some settings and you will be fine, unless your cpu isnt up to the task. At the end of the day, the game doesnt even seem to be very good.