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Sometimes the reason something sounds too good to be true is because, well, it is. Such is the case with the inclusion of Netflix in the New Xbox Experience. While the menus, avatars, and disc-to-hard-drive installs are great, the addition of Netflix is deeply flawed.

To gain access to Netflix, you need to sign up on your PC. In fact, the management of your queue can only be done on a PC. There's no browsing or account management options on your 360. Not a big deal, sure, but it is an inconvenience. Certainly many envision never having to leave the comfort of their Xbox 360 to browse and play movies.

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MaximusPrime4275d ago

Netflix is not known outside US.

I suppose similar companies might follow. (such as blockbusters, lovefilms)

Really im not interested in digital downloads.
I'd rather have dvd/blurays.

fufotrufo4275d ago

how is this a digitan download? the movie streams and plays in just seconds

for less money than a dvd and wider slection from your home..oh ..and cheap if you already have xbox live

whoelse4274d ago

Is not the same as owning the dvd/blu-ray is it though.

rodeoo4274d ago

did you read the article.....the guy said the quality is crap and you cant choose quality level you want. I stream netflix all the time to my ps3. and i can chose quality level at the expense of buffer time and it is still way worse then a regular tv broadcast

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fufotrufo4275d ago

since you can now watch normal quality movies and HD movies from netflix ..those who feel that the qulity is bad and have a good connection ..just watch the HD version it that hard?? is better to have both options

FBl4275d ago

That's the problem with the Xbox 360;Everything it does the PC does it better

bouncybullet4274d ago

Just because you cant browse/add movies to queue on the 360 doesn't make a difference to someone that has 25 movies already queued up.

AND If flipping open your laptop or your iphone bothers you then you need a slap in the face.

Until NXE comes out i'll still be watching netflix on my effing laptop..
(2 person audience at best.)

The nxe netflix is amazing.
Stop being lazy.


the beauty of this was convenience . now you have to go to your pc , install , forward , copy , delete , install , stream , copy and than watch movies . My cable company is find for renting .If you want to buy . buy blu-ray tru-hd 1080p . I wouldnt even download any movies to my hard drive for my ps3 . just a waste of space. physical copies is the shhhhhhhhhhh

ViRaL-4274d ago

"For those who were imagining streaming HD video to their 360 via Xbox Live, that's not going to be the case"

bouncybullet4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

not yet.

SL1M DADDY4274d ago

Not at all is my guess. I figure it won't be until a few years from now and by that time we will be playing our Xbox 720's. It's not that the hardware can't do it, it's the connection and ISP's/Bandwidth that make it so that true HD viewing is not possible yet. Even my Comcast On-Demand HD movies are not nearly as good as a BD and in some cases they are not even as good as an upscaled DVD. Perhaps next gen the ISP's will get it right.

FBl4274d ago

Netflix on the Xbox 360 isn't Netflix on the Xbox 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.