Insomniac : Each co-op mission setup in Resistance 2 takes 15-20 hours to complete

JS - community manager at Insomniac games provided some info on the longevity of co-op mode in Resistance .

According to him each map has different areas with 6 maps being available for the co-op mode of Resistance 2

Each co-op campaign with an individual setup takes between 15 - 20 hours to complete

"There are six locations, each has quite a few different areas, and a single-playthrough of any will not show you nearly the entire map or all of the different set-ups on it due to the randomization of the playpath. It probably takes between 15-20 hours to see every single co-op set-up and encounter. "

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cahill4275d ago

No wonder IGN gave it 9.5/10

teh best shooter of 2008

IzKyD13314274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

to think you can play this game for months and months on end and STILL have a new experience when you play

cahill4275d ago

looking at 200 + hours for the full completion of co-op mode
R2 got 9.5 from IGN and rightly so

TheHater4275d ago

The full game will take over 420 hours to get everything in the game.

Kleptic4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

^ yeah I read that too...according to Insomniac it is roughly 450 hours worth of playing to see everything and unlock everything...that does not mean to platinum the game, as in get every single award and ribbon...but to get every weapon/character upgrade...achieve max rank...and 'see everything' map wise...thats what it will take...which is insane...although that is roughly how much time it takes to become a general in Warhawk...its just there is nothing else like R2 in that you are still unlocking stuff after 400 hours...

as a comparison to the current best shooter: CoD takes roughly 24 hours of play time to become rank 55 (that is the average as quoted by IW...obviously some can do it much faster by being sure to use every single different weapon throughout the run, which gives a lot more XP) which case every weapon and perk is unlocked for your use...there are some other achievements to get that take more time, but they don't give you anything in return...there is a prestige system, which is a gimmick and nothing simply sets you back to rank 0 and you start over, but get a special symbol reflecting your prestige level...but even including that, there is only 240 hours worth of play time

title is a little misleading though...each co-op mission isn't the same...that is what he is don't have to play 15 hours to beat a single 'mission' in co op, which would be nearly impossible...its just that each map has so many random factors and layouts that you would have to spend 15-20 hours per map to play through every possible setup...if that makes any sense...

iHEARTboobs4275d ago

For a SHOOTER?? Damn, that's massive.

cmrbe4275d ago

It should have been higher say 9.7 at least

meepmoopmeep4275d ago

that's insane.

so i take it there are save points?

dro4275d ago

but i tought blu ray was not needed!!!!!...hahahaha... XD

Yoma4274d ago

and what happen if I'm bored playing coop, and want to continute at the same spot later in a team again?

PirateThom4274d ago

Yoma, it's not really laid out that way, it's pretty much designed to be played in a mission structure. You can drop into the mission (or join the same team later if there's space), but not the same spot, no co-op allows that.

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TheColbertinator4275d ago

That is so much gameplay.Hopefully the single player is still long like the first one

meepmoopmeep4275d ago

it's shorter, they said about 10 hrs, probably on Normal difficulty

chaosatom4275d ago


Get ready for ownage.

cahill4275d ago

Basically the co-op campaign alone would take 200 hours to complete

Capital G4275d ago

i never got into the first resistance so i hope insomniac put a little more effort into it this time

although that 9/10 from ign is a little suspicious. but hey we all know money talks

cahill4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

SONY and INSOMNIAC dont bribe for reviews like HALO 3

You never got into the first one cuz u never own a PS3

can someone remove the bubbles of this guy--another FAKE account for trolling here

IGN is the most reliable and the biggest website in the world

Unlike Eurogamer/edge/gamespot which will give any x360 game like fable 2 10/10 and 7/8/9 to ps3 games like R1,MGS4 and LBP

ruibing4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

It's 9.5/10, and I don't see why it is so suspicious. IGN hasn't given a 10/10 to any PS3 exclusive besides MGS4. Only reason I don't complain much to IGN reviews is because they don't generate poor criticisms like Gamespot.

I grabbed the first one thanks to the Walmart sale, so I'm hoping to give it a try this winter with the split-screen co-op single player campaign.

thebudgetgamer4275d ago

but its from sony so of course you hate it

solidjun54275d ago

he's a troll. look at his comment history. Just ignore account # 32456 and let's continue with the discussion of R2.

Narutone664274d ago

to get rid of xbox trolls is to post spoilers from GeoW2 on PS3 thread.

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