Flying makes Anthem fun even if the rest isn't always great | PC Gamer

James Davenport writes: Anthem makes a poor first impression. You'll sit through cutscenes that feel longer than they are, tiring dumps of story that depict dark, sneering legions of bad guys going to battle with you, the good guys, over ancient alien technology. You'll shoot hordes of alien bugs, the rats of sci-fi RPGs, and traverse a vast rocky terrain a little too reminiscent of Andromeda's opening minutes before meeting the funny British guy, the stern militant leader, the nervous tech expert, or the mysterious tattooed space wizard. If it sounds familiar, it's because Mass Effect exists.

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Casepb812d ago

That video is full of cringe. I'm shocked to see something of such low quality from PC Gamer. It was just the worst.

PMind812d ago

And what, pray tell, do you play that makes this so cringe worthy and low quality may I ask?

Hungryalpaca811d ago

They’ve been releasing a lot of cringe stuff recently. Their quality has severely dropped over the years.

Such as trying to start a s*** storm over rim worlds romantic options. They need to stop hiring activists to write game articles. It’s getting annoying.

Shikoku812d ago

Doesn't paint this game in the best light.

PeaSFor812d ago

I absolutely hated the flying control in the pc alpha, and theyre trying to imply that its fun?!?? LMAO cant wait for the game release and see how others react to it.

rdgneoz3812d ago

If you've watched anything since you tried the alpha, they've mentioned repeatedly that they've changed up the controls a bit for flying. So what you had in alpha is not what others will have with the demo or launch.

PMind812d ago

You do know what an "alpha" is, right? The purpose behind it?

Kosic812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

But the flying in the alpha was the worst aspect for me. The shooting was 2nd. So I doubt I'd see much interest here.

TheGamez100812d ago

All ive heard is that the flying is fun lol. The combat and shooting seems sub par. This does note bode well.