Nintendo Games That Need to be Ported to the Switch

Nintendo Games That Need to be Ported to the Switch - These are games that need to be ported to Nintendo's hit system, the Nintendo Switch.

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O-D-C55d ago

Skyward Sword and Xenoblade 1 NEED HD versions.

HeisenbergX55d ago

And Mario Galaxy games ! i want them so bad on the switch

eagle2155d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Super Mario Sunshine HD. That one would be huge. Super Mario Sunshine has never been released since GameCube. It would sell like hotcakes. Skyward Sword makes the most sense out of this list because that would be a "new" remaster to the Zelda fans who owned Wii U. It would also sell like hotcakes.

Wind Waker HD is available at stores right now for only $19.99. :) Twilight Princess HD is available at a store near you for $39.99-$49.99.

Tiqila55d ago

WW and TP are Wii U games, not on Switch...

eagle2155d ago

I know. Listen, I'm not saying I wouldn't want Wind Waker HD or TP HD on Switch. I would. They just shouldn't get top priority over Skyward Sword because you can buy it brand new for only $19.99 right now...from Nintendo's official ebay page. Brand new. :)

pietro121255d ago

Remember not everyone owned a Wii U hence the reason why the Switch exists. TP and WW should also be ported to the Switch as well as their I Ps that didn't get the chance they deserve on the Wii U (Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Xenoblade Chronicles X).

FilthyWeeb55d ago

Then just buy a second hand wiiu? They're dirt cheap these days.

ZAF55d ago

Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch pls.

Leeroyw55d ago

Superman 64!!!!
I want that 'kryptonite fog'

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The story is too old to be commented.