TheSixthAxis Review: Saints Row 2

TSA: "The game starts off with scant instructions, "Stop the zombie assault by wiping out the remaining zombies". A quick look around reveals you're standing with three other survivors and some weapons; guns, crowbars, baseball bats and the like. Play seems simple enough, you just have to walk over the weapons to pick them up, then it's off into battle side-by-side with the other survivors.

The initial levels start off relatively easily, but it's not long before you're completely surrounded by zombies all trying to take a bite out of you, and the game descends into button bashing as the action gets ever more frantic. If you've been clever and conserved your ammunition you can run away and pick them off from afar before returning to the heat of zombie battle.

Sound OK, but not really Saints Row-ish? Well, this is 'Zombie Uprising', the videogame your character gets to play on their game console as an in-game mini game: It's a blast, and is built using the same game engine as the main Saints Row game - this is just one of the many gems that reveal themselves to you when playing this sequel."

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