Jon Shafer’s At The Gates Review | The Indie Game Website

The Indie Game Website writes, "The Hagius clan are greedy, impulsive and – right now – my absolute least favourite nomadic clan ever. They had a fight with a clan of cheese-makers and are currently refusing to work. Still, the cheese-making Adalfrieds are the senior clan, and making cheese is doing far more to help the tribe than whatever the lazy, feckless Hagius are doing. For this reason, I decide to rule in favour of the Adalfrieds, demoting the Hagius, stripping them of their role in the tribe and leaving them as simply an angry face on the ‘clans’ screen.

Which is where they sat for the entire rest of the game. They continued to have children, to require more and more food and – crucially – to be so apocalyptically furious that they were unable to work at all. The rest of the game took twelve years. And they did nothing."

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