Naughty Dog and Rockstar Animator Joins Sony’s New Studio for An Unannounced Project

According to a publication by Quentin Cobb, creative who is part of the new studio, James Martinchek is the new signing for the AAA game that is in development, which is kept secret.

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Araragifeels 26d ago

I am hoping this is a new IP rather than the rumor of another Uncharted. Uncharted needs a break for now.

chrisx26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

most likely a new IP for the Ps5. the hype should be real 😎

nucky6426d ago

agreed - sony rarely (if ever) misses on their exclusives.

Obscure_Observer26d ago

He can´t talk about the new studio, game or even when he´ll be allowed to do so. PS5 related projects for sure. Maybe a new first party studio focused on next gen PSVR games?.

NarutoFox26d ago

I found out Sony has three new studios that hasn't been announce yet and my source is very reliable

DarXyde26d ago


See, that's really interesting to me. I heard of one new studio from a source I trust myself.

I'll keep the details on that to myself, but I'm quite interested to know about the other 2.

I'm not asking you to specify, just letting you know that my curiosity had been piqued.

bouzebbal26d ago

Uncharted is a guaranteed multi million seller.. And is still kicking after 2 amazing PS4 episodes..

cooperdnizzle25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I heard from a guy that knows a guy who robbed a guy that Sony have seven new rodeos. I trust this source very very much. But I’m gonna keep it under wraps

StormSnooper25d ago

I do hope Sony brings a flurry of awesome VR games to the PS5. I can just imagine the things they will do in VR next.

UltraNova25d ago

Lots of secrecy going around here about these alegded new studios.... Common dudes spill the beans, no need to divulge names!

Ceaser985736125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Narutofox and DarXyde

You mean apart from this new studio mentioned there are another 3 studios?? Wow!!! Hope Sony announces them soon.

Also this current studio mentioned above is working one a 3rd person adventure game.. They were hiring and this came up. and that's when people thought it could be an Uncharted game.

Kribwalker21d ago

i’ve got insider info it’s a port of The Witcher 2 for the ps5

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sampsonon26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

another UC wouldn't require a new studio.

Kitt9226d ago

It would as naughty dog aren’t going to be doing another uncharted game their done with the ip for now

thatguyhayat26d ago

It would, they said they wont make another uncharted game. Im really hoping its a new IP

Teflon0226d ago

So why'd they make a new studio. Wouldn't it make more sense to give Uncharted tho Bend then (after they're done the current project)... Making a new studio to continue a series isn't a sony thing to do. So it's clearly not the case

sampsonon26d ago

Guys, Sony is going to let the franchise sleep for a while. it's for a new IP and I'm surprised people are thinking a new UC is worth creating a whole new studio to make it.
no, Sony is smarter than that.

Obscure_Observer26d ago


"another UC wouldn't require a new studio."

Playstation gamers wants more Uncharted. I don´t think it´s easy to task another Sony studio to deliver a new Uncharted with the quality that most would expect.

thatguyhayat25d ago


The way it ended i dont think so. Its time they let it sleep and bring in a fresh new block buster breaking IP

Sevir25d ago

Naughty_Dog did Lost Legacy with a fraction of it's staff and in literally a year! That same team could be fractured off into a new Studio to put out a new game in the series... But that's unlikely... We've heard for at least two years now that this studio is based in California and people from Santa Monica, Rockstar San Diego, ICE, Naughty Dog, and Sony San Diego formed this studio under Sony to create a Brand New IP... This kind of resource building is definitely for a new Studio to work on a New IP. Sony could pressure their teams to do churn out new games in established IPs, but they'd never create a new Studio to do it, they'd hand it off to other studios to do it...

Guerilla Cambridge, Did Killzone at one point, Bend did an Uncharted and a Resistance, Nihilistic did a Resistance, Blue Point, has done, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Shadow of The Collosus and so many more.

Sony would rather hand off an existing IP to amother Developer instead of forcing their crown jewels into stagnation working on the same IP after that studio is burned out on it

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Rude-ro26d ago

Hopefully a sequel to the order with improved and engaging gameplay.

starchild26d ago

I would be down for that. The Order 1886, despite its flaws, still had a lot to offer. The setting, story, visuals and sound design were great. The gameplay was solid, but could use a little more depth and variety. Plenty to build on there for a sequel.

rainslacker26d ago

I'd rather that go to [email protected] Since they don't have the engine to worry about as much anymore, they could likely be able to finish the project...which was about the only thing that really brought down the original IMO.

Imalwaysright25d ago

Sony owns many IPs that are far more deserving of a sequel than the order.

sampsonon24d ago

i didn't mind the game play so much as i think the game needs more and better boss fights.
i want another game as well, but i think it would be best if the same studio did it because they know the mistakes they made and would be best to fix them.
the game was good.

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neutralgamer199226d ago

Sony from what I understand have multiple studios that they have started without much of an fanfare

Instead of going the ms route they instead have focused on adding new teams within already owned studios

ND have 2 plus there is a new studio starting to only focus on uncharted and ND will overlook them(a complete reboot of sort)

GG recently moved into a much bigger facility and have multiple teams now

Sony bend has 2 teams

Santa Monica have multiple teams

We should hear more around reveal of Ps5

AmUnRa26d ago

This. Microsoft is screaming from the rooftop, "whe have new studio's!!!".
Sony dont make a mediacircus of it and opens a new studio😉

rainslacker26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'd like to see Sony give more big games to Japan Studio again. They work on a team structure now, not unlike Nintendo and how they deal with their big franchises. Japan Studio has been more mid-tier gaming and support this past gen, and a good chunk of last. They were part of making Bloodborne though, but Gravity Rush and Freedom Wars showed they can still make solid games. I'd just like to see them do it with a bigger scope.

It's a pretty big dev house, although not a specific studio.


MS says, "look at all these new studios. See, we've really changed"(Like Sadaam in the south park movie....big dance number included).

Sony says, "Look at all these new games". Then stay quiet for a while, with the occasional interview, tweet, or new trailer thrown up out of nowhere. Remember when TLOU2 teaser was put out a month or so before E3, so as not to distract from other games at E3?

Obscure_Observer26d ago


"Sony from what I understand have multiple studios that they have started without much of an fanfare

Instead of going the ms route they instead have focused on adding new teams within already owned studios "

That´s old days. Since they wouldn´t talk about anything regarding this new studio (it´s a new STUDIO and NOT a new team), it´s clear that they´re trying to build hype and buzz around its announcement/reveal/project.

"ND have 2 plus there is a new studio starting to only focus on uncharted and ND will overlook them(a complete reboot of sort)"

Naughty Dog doesn´t have 2 teams. It´s only ONE team which they´ll split in case it´s necessary.

"GG recently moved into a much bigger facility and have multiple teams now

Sony bend has 2 teams

Santa Monica have multiple teams "

False. There´s no multiple teams working at multiple projects at those studios that you mentioned.

SirJoJo26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Care to provide the receipts for that utter fabrication you typed?

Pulling sh*t out of thin air seems to be common practice for you judging by your telling comment history.

Anyway the only thing we know about the studio in question is the rumour that sony built it work on future Uncharted games (I see no issue with that).
Nothing other than that rumour is known, which could turn out to be completely false but until Sony or someone from the studio makes an official announcement, that's all there is to go by.

neutralgamer199226d ago


What's new you just want to believe what you want to believe. ND actually have 2 seperate teams, one works on the current game while the other works on new ideas before going into pre production. Right now 85% of ND are hard at work on TLOU2 but there is a smaller team working in something new and once tlou2 is done they will move on to the next project

you just can't take any positive news from Sony. that's what it is. Just wait for the reveal event for PlayStation 5

It's called teams when you add more people within the same studio. Its only studios when you either acquire or start beans new teams

And I wasn't bad mouthing ms by saying they had more fanfare my point was since Sony already had many studios they could have kept quite abd simply deliver games


Just wait and see man you don't expect me to reveal any sources I may or may not have you really can't be that naive

I stand by everything I said

Insomniac has been acquired
QD is in process

Blue point games are in talks with Sony too

You can keep hating I know for a damn fact what I am talking about. Here is another obsidian approached Sony before agreeing to deal with ms. Sony said no thanks

You can continue to believe whatever you want facts don't change

NarutoFox25d ago

Sony Bend second team is currently developing Syphon Filter

SirJoJo25d ago

Sources.. 🤣😭 oh please. I'm out✌🏽

UltraNova25d ago

True but MS has to announce these aquisitions (loudly) since they have been criticised relentlessly for the lack of internal studios/IPs for so many years. Granted they need to take self gloating and hype down a notch or two but its what they needed to here and now to gain positive mindshare.

Now if their fans desperately want to... confuse studio aquisitions with actual released and successful games its a whole different story.

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WilliamSheridan26d ago

I love Uncharted, but yes, definitely a break is needed. I couldn't get through all of the last one. Fatigue set in

neomahi25d ago

Nah, Uncharted is done. That's how Naughty Dog does, when they're done they're done and move on to something else. We're going to see one more The Last of Us for Part III and then they're on to Space, whatever that tour was about a year ago. Yup, next is Galactic something.

81BX25d ago

Lol wtf? So far you have 86 agrees. Maybe I'm in the minority but I loved every uncharted equally. I would welcome another one. Full disclosure I started the chloe one but I'm only an hr in and don't remember it, so if that one caused series fatigue I wouldn't know. I would love to see a Sulley adventure

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mafiahajeri26d ago

New marvel game? Iron-man the Hulk?

xenz26d ago

I would like something more original thank you

Rimeskeem26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Shazam? /s

rainslacker26d ago

While the timing is wrong, A captain marvel game might be good, since the movie is probably going to be popular.

Obscure_Observer26d ago


Captain Marvel is a MARVEL only character nowdays. DC (Geoff Johns) ditched the "Marvel" name from all of its Marvel family characters.

Captain Marvel becomes Shazam and both Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr seems to be nowhere to be found in the current DCU.

rainslacker26d ago

Regardless, a Captain Marvel game might be good. How they title it doesn't matter. I'd imagine it'd be in line with however the marvel comic or movie universe follows the character. Or maybe they'll make it a marvel game universe, which opens up the doors for cross promotion between DC and marvel.

mkis00725d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Just so everyone is clear: Captain Marvel is the name of a DC character and a Marvel character with obviously no relation. Marvel studios claim is the one the courts recognize meaning DC is just Shazam.

This is the short version.

OffRoadKing25d ago

An Iron Man game done with the same level of detail and quality as Insomniac's Spider-Man would be fantastic.

IRetrouk26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'd forgot all about this studio, was rumoured last year if I remember right, wonder why they won't even announce the name, hopefully it's something new and fresh.

I_am_Batman26d ago

With MS investing a lot in new first party studios lately I think that Sony wants to make their fanbase know that they aren't resting on their laurels. I'm sure the'll announce it at some event this year.

IRetrouk26d ago

Yeah, maybe it's a next gen project and thats why it's so secretive, something to look forward to anyway, no doubt the ice team will be involved somehow.

UltraNova26d ago

Do you know how many studios Sony has?

What I always wanted from Sony is to take their ICE Team and turn them into a super studio comprised of their top devs from all studios, then give them one directive: Make a game that has never been seen with the sole aim of dropping the worlds collective jaws to the ground.

I_am_Batman26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@UltraNova: Yeah I think they have 15 active studios right now, 12 of which are working on Playstation games. But they've also lost 2 studios in Guerrilla Cambridge and Evolution recently. It takes a long time to develop games nowadays. While the studios they have will continue to pump out quality exclusive games they just can't have the same quantitative output they used to have. I think it makes a lot of sense to keep investing in the first party structure to ensure that there are always some great games to look forward to.

jznrpg26d ago

This is a lot more exciting than buying a few financially challenged studios who have been relegated to making mid tier games for a long time (besides Forza dev who only made Xbox games anyway) That is 2 upper talent names with a new studio . Xbox just wants to pump out smaller games to for their Netflix of gaming to get more subs

JesusBuiltmyHotrod26d ago

LOL. Sony has way more and more accomplished studios, they don't need to do anything, MS is playing catch up. Also buying studios does not automatically mean success...look at EA and MS history. You need to properly manage those studio.

I_am_Batman26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@JesusBuiltmyHotrod: "Sony has way more and more accomplished studios"
Yeah. I don't see why you felt the need to point that out. I wasn't challenging that at all. It's absolutely obvious to anyone paying attention that Sony is far ahead of MS when it comes to both quality and quantity of 1st party titles.

"they don't need to do anything, MS is playing catch up. "
And what do you think will happen in the long run when MS will continue to "play catch up" and Sony doesn't "do anything". I'm glad that the executives at Sony are holding their company to a higher standard than some of their fans do. Getting complacent and underestimating the competition would be 2 easy ways to lose the lead they've aquired.

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Teflon0226d ago

I'm glad someone is saying this. That's how I felt. I don't look at it as anything amazing MS is doing. Out of the studios they've bought Playground is the only one I'd say is a great buy for them. The others were studios struggling to stay afloat. I think a company taking the time to build new and dedicated studios for projects is alot more exciting and promising as opposed to just being financially weak companies. Now don;t get me wrong it's fine and dandy. But I personally don't like 3rd party companies going first party without a connection to the company. Like Playground that was essentially 2nd? party and I thought until last year was first party lol. Or Naughty Dog. Hell Insomniac and Sony if that ever happens or the Xeno devs and Ninty did I believe etc

rainslacker26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Because if they do it now, it will come across as "me too", in response to MS. Even though this is kind of normal operation for Sony. They'll make an announcement, maybe coupled with a teaser. A full game reveal might be down the line though, since they seem to be in the early stages of hiring key people now.

Obscure_Observer26d ago


"Because if they do it now, it will come across as "me too", in response to MS."

Because that´s exacly what it is! Otherwise they would remain SILENT instead of hit the twitter to announce that they´re building a whole new studio hiring great talent, yet, can´t talk about it. This move has a clear intention and you know what it is: Build HYPE among Playstation gamers!

This is just Sony way saying that they aren´t resting on their laurels while Microsoft is on an agressive hiring and acquisition spree.

rainslacker26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I love it when you prove my point, especially when you don't even realize it. Even more when you think you've one upped me with baseless assumptions that go against Sony's own normal method of operations.

Case in point. You said,

"Because that´s exacly what it is! "

What more do I need to say?

Everything else you said is assumptive, and really doesn't match up to historical trends from Sony itself. A tweet about opening a new studio, and some job postings, which is what the tweet was for really, is not a huge marketing push to try and counter MS efforts to get up to par with Sony, which MS hasn't done, regardless of if Sony opened this new studio or not.

mkis00725d ago

Last gen sony picked up Media Molecule and Sucker punch just off the top of my head. I think they are about to pick up at least 2 more to fill in some open space.

Obscure_Observer25d ago


"Everything else you said is assumptive, and really doesn't match up to historical trends from Sony itself."

What? Are you working for Sony now? What do you mean by "historical trends from Sony itself"? :/

You know what? Forget it. I´m too tired for childish imaginary "insider" fantasy nonsence.

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TheGamez10026d ago

New studio and sony in a single sentence??!!!! Hype!!!!

Smokehouse26d ago

Uuhhh whaaaa? When did Sony announce a new studio?

AspiringProGenji26d ago

They have never announced this studio. Last year there was a rumor that sony has built a new studio to work on more Uncharted games

sampsonon26d ago

I highly doubt they would make a whole new studio just to make another UC game. remember what Naughty Dog said when UC4 was released "this is the last UC game" and yes know they had the stand alone game that came out after but that was basically done at the same time.

nyu126d ago

Hope not.

That series will get very tiresome if they pump out more games, unless they change things up drastically for a next gen version.

Obscure_Observer26d ago


"I highly doubt they would make a whole new studio just to make another UC game."

Why not? That´s exactly what Microsoft did with 343i (Halo) and The Coalition (Gears of War).

Also, both Cobb and Martinchek are experienced Uncharted veterans. Microsoft made sure to hire people from both Bungie and Epic original staff to create 343i and The Coalition.

OffRoadKing25d ago

"to work on more Uncharted games"

This is clever trolling.

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StormSnooper26d ago

Sony doesn’t really “announce” this type of thing, they just make games, and when it’s about to release, that’s when most people will hear about the studio’s existence.

Smokehouse26d ago

It’s been so long I don’t remember lol