A Lack of Faith: EA Needs its Star Wars Privileges Revoked

Disney holds the Star Wars license near, so after nearly a decade of failures, it is time for EA to have its Star Wars privileges revoked.

Hardiman1997d ago

I'd like to see EA revoked lol!

ClayRules20121997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Lol, they so deerve it!

porkChop1997d ago

I'm surprised Disney hasn't already done so. EA has done nothing but damage the brand, and they've only managed to put out two games.

gunnerboy81997d ago

And Battlefront want was just a big demo for Battlefront 2 really

Arty841997d ago

Disney itself shouldnt have the franchise

lazyboyblue1997d ago

Why? Because they've made one bad star wars movie or because theyve been let down by EA like everybody else?

Profchaos1997d ago

I think in their hands they managed to make star wars loose it's magic going to see a star wars movie used to be a major event in and if itself we would get one every 5 years or so if we were lucky.

Disney has released 4 movies in 3 years some within six months of the last it's oversaturated and constant releases really make it lose what was special.

Before Disney took over we had a total of around 6 movies that have been releasing since the 70s. It's the guitar hero effect 1,2 and 3 were highly regarded and spaced out then Activision smelt the dollars in the water and we had 8 games in 1 year

meganick1997d ago

They’ve made 4 bad Star Wars movies by my count.

lazyboyblue1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

@Profchaos Oversaturation? Theyve been making 5 + marvel movies a year and cinema goers love it.
@meganick fair play. If you didn't like them you didn't like them. I've enjoyed them all with the exception of Last Jedi.

FlameWater1997d ago

EA doesn't like competition so they buy it and shut it down, no difference when it comes to licensing just like how they stagnated the racing scene with Porsche.

ActualWhiteMan1997d ago

I would like to see EA disappear as well. But we all know that wont happen.

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Knightofelemia3h ago

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Hence why I stopped buying sports games NHL 25 would be no different then NHL 24 or NHL 23.