Fable II LE Code Solution Live - Microsoft Is Watching

Some purchasers of the Fable II Limited Edition last week were surprised to find the promised DLC codes absent from their packages. Now Microsoft has set up a system to get the codes out to LE owners, which can be found here, but be warned - Microsoft is keeping an eye out for those trying to scam the system by requesting codes without having purchased the LE. Lionhead community manager Sam Van Tilburgh

So everyone who is emailing with tips regarding free limited edition DLC for everyone might want to rethink that idea. Not sure what measures they could possibly take, but the warning certainly sounds ominous, doesn't it?

"We are incredibly sorry and apologize to anyone frustrated by this process. We have been focused on ensuring that our North American LCE customers impacted by this retail issue are quickly taken care of and receive their codes in a timely manner. It was the quickest solution we could implement to address the issue. Microsoft will be monitoring submissions from users looking to abuse the system but I can't discuss what those measures specific to this solution are."

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Imallvol74650d ago

Someone without the game apply for the code . . . then tell me if it worked.

K Tnx bai!

Socomer 19794650d ago

too many clues that confirmed fable2 is a rushed product. No wonder there wasn't any gameplay vids that lasted longer than 2 minutes. Peter presented his game with long imagine this monoluges & brief interaction with the game.

Then again so was socom. Finnaly the patch actually works 1 & half weeks after release.
Sony & microsoft need to quit bringing out undone, patch crutching games to compete.
Its coming at the expense of gamers.

Imallvol74650d ago

agreed . . . i sat down the other day and realized what I have been putting up with. My rockband instrubments broke, socom didnt work, little big planet online was broke first day, my Castle crashers game STILL DOESNT WORK ONLINE MONTHS LATER.


solidsnakus4650d ago

oh shiit! LOL!!! i applied for that withought having the limited edition.i applied like 4 days ago so hopefully nothing happens.

LONEWOLF2314649d ago


lol, you should of made a fake email,name,address,Gamertag and you should also make sure to change your IP!