10 Months After Launch, Sea of Thieves is one of Twitch’s Most Popular Games

Following a steady stream of updates over the last year, Sea of Thieves has seen a rapid resurgence of popularity, with an influx of new and returning players, thanks to rocketing up to the top 5 positions on Twitch’s most watched games

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Vasto1005d ago

Keep up the good work Rare.

Kribwalker1005d ago

they said from the beginning this was going to be an ever evolving game. and it truly has evolved, and once they bring in the PVP arena, i see the user base going even higher

gangsta_red1005d ago

Not bad for a GaaS game, especially one that gives out free updates. Not really sure when this Game Pass thing is suppose to kick in with games that cater only to that model.

chiefJohn1171005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Destiny!!! That's wtf they were talking about! OMG what a revelation. Thanks Gangstas. What till they hear this *grabs car keys*

No Way1005d ago

Gotta love the haters and disagree, though, for telling them keep up the good work.

Never seen so many "hardcore" gamers.. who want the gaming community to thrive... but yet hate so many games and specifically just because it's on another system.


Livingthedream1005d ago

Yup. People love this game. MS didn't release many new games last year, however the games they release keep their gamers engaged for months. SOT,SOD2,FORZA HORIZON. to this day you can still find matches for halo MCC, Halo 5,Gears Ultimate,Gears4,Halo Wars2 they know their fanbase.

lxeasy1004d ago

I guess its time for me to jump back into this game, I've been steadily hearing about all the improvements

Tedakin1005d ago

Been crazy to watch. It's just been going up since the Shrouded Spoils update. It had 140k viewers yesterday, number 2 only to Fortnite. I think the Arena mode could really cause it to blow up cause if there's one thing the game does right it's ship combat on the high seas, and Arena focuses on that.

kevnb1005d ago

Maybe I’ll try it out, is it better with a 1070 or an xbox one x?

nick13b1005d ago

well it does run at 4k at around 60fps on the One X and idk about how it runs on a 1070 but hopefully 4k

kevnb1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

So I guess it just depends what screen and control scheme I want to use, cool. I imagine I can just play on Xbox and continue on pc later. For pc I go with 1440p 144hz with gsync, but a solid 60 FPS 4K on the tv sounds fantastic too.

Bruh1005d ago

On which planet is it running at 60 FPS on the Xbox One X? lmao

kevnb1004d ago

Alright fine, 30fps solid might be ok with a controller in this game. I’ll give it a shot.

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Kribwalker1005d ago

runs super smooth in 4k on the One X. i haven’t played it on a pc, let alone a 1070, so i can’t help you there. But your game progression goes back and forth no problem

TK-551005d ago

MS does tend to be very good when it comes to optomizing games so the PC version will probably run well. 1070 is a good card so I think it comes down to whether you prefer controller or K&M.

obidanshinobi1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

PC all the way.
The higher frame rate will give you an advantage.
Increased field of view, 90 max on Xbox, not sure what it is on PC but I expect you can widen it. Us humans see 120 degrees so you should set it for that on the PC, again to give yourself an advantage.
Mouse and keyboard works better than the controller too, you will be able to turn quicker and it will make combat faster and better. Sometimes with a controller your movement becomes slow and stodgy when fighting, it's very annoying when your fighting a load of skeletons and for some reason it feels like you're stuck in mud.

So PC definitely, it's a no brainer.

kevnb1004d ago

Ya I usually only play competitive games on pc, but I think this game can also just be relaxing.

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nibblo1005d ago

I've been noticing the increased Twitch numbers since the last update. Nice to see Rare still working on these free substantial updates and not just letting it rot. If you play this through Game Pass it is a great deal especially as they continue to improve it.

Rude-ro1005d ago

Ummm, it’s a sponsored stream. Streamers are getting paid to play it.
Glad to see those marketing dollars hard at work.

Rude-ro1005d ago

Because I watch streamers.
Because this is not the first time Microsoft has done this.
They do this to create a false “demand” and in return, influencing the younger audience.
Or... you go ahead and pretend all these bigger streamers decided to drop their popular FPS preference and started playing sea of thieves. Ok.

KeenBean3451005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

No they aren't at all. Popular streamer Summit1g arguably brought it to life by showing how much fun it can be + hitting big viewership numbers on it. Big streamers are becoming very tired of fortnite due to it's trash updates so they play Sea Of Thieves instead because it's actually fun right now

I'll happily admit I'm wrong though if you provide sources. No recent streams/tweets I could find contained any ad's for SoT, a few for CoD Blackout but that's all

The game has always been played a bit by streamers, just the game is in a great place now and thriving due to fatigue from fortnite

kevnb1005d ago

Fortnite can only be number 1 for so long, just like any other game.

Tedakin1005d ago

Yeah everyone tries to bring this game down no matter what. The game can't succeed on its own merit because it's actually really fun, there has to be conspiracy!

OffRoadKing1005d ago

They're "bored" with Fortnite so they go to Sea of Thieves, um ok.

BLow1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I'm not saying this guy is right or wrong but....

Currently number 30 in the top 50. It seems that more of you are watching than playing. But hey, it's getting more content which is good. If you like then you like it. Keep in mind this is an Xbox Live most played list and SoT is an online only title and it's on Gamepass.

Reminder, I didn't make this list up. It's from Microsoft....

aconnellan1005d ago

For Xbox, right?

I don’t think that accounts for people playing on PC, does it? I could be wrong though.

Which makes sense as I imagine a lot of Summit1G and Dr Disrespect’s fans primarily play on PC given that’s their platform of choice

Kribwalker1005d ago


it was number 20 for the week ending on the 20th. That’s no slouch on a chart that sees 57 million MAU

akbennyewu1004d ago

Must find one metric that undermines this article so you can feel a little better?
Good job!

coolbeans1005d ago

Summit1G (i.e. THE carrier of SoT's popularity right now) would be obligated to announce it as a sponsored content for them. He simply took a break from usual stuff, but got addicted with this update & stealing Athena chests.

Livingthedream1005d ago

Question is are people watching it? If they are it doesnt matter if they spend money on streamers right? I

Livingthedream1005d ago

That's decent still good support

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