Devil May Cry 5 Game Length Will Be 15 Hours, Confirms Game Director

Hideaki Itsuno in a recent interview was asked about the game length and he answered by mentioning the Devil May Cry 5 game length, read here for more

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FallenAngel198429d ago

That’s noticeably long for an action game

meganick28d ago

Weird that you got so many disagrees. This isn’t an RPG. Fifteen hours is pretty lengthy for an action game, especially if that doesn’t include optional missions.

Vandamme2129d ago

Damn this is why I love capcom...can’t wait for this game and resident evil 2 remake

Arikv229d ago

Capcom went all in on what fans want. Make sure to thank them in the way that counts, with your wallet.

TK-5529d ago

DMC5 is looking really good. I didnt get a chance to play the demo but the trailer showing multiple characters looks pretty cool. Shakes up the gameplay a bit if you play as all of them throughout the main story. Capcom really is doing a good job at redeeming themselves.

To be honest I think Q1 this year has a shot at being the best in a long time unless someone can remind me of something from previous years. Resident Evil 2, KHIII, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Jump Force, Anthem, Metro Exodus and Sekiro all come to mind as the big releases. Good start to the year!

starchild28d ago

I agree. First quarter of this year is packed with some really promising games.

CP_Company29d ago

so, it is around 7-8h. quite short game.

ZwVw28d ago

LOL. Capcom terminology. Remember back when the original Lost Planet was about to launch and they claimed it would take around 15hrs to complete on it's first playthrough, when in actuality, it was half that.

amazingmax728d ago

Yeah, generally when a dev says if a game is X amount of hours, it is generally about half the amount (or just a tad more).

It's like they get someone to play-through it internally, then just get the time that took the longest (or get an average of all the longest play-throughs). Or they get someone that has never picked up a controller/K&M in their life, or played games in general.

Teflon0228d ago

No it happens because they play through casually or get play testers to play casually. Problem is the people who finish games in have the expected time rush through the game. I almost always take longer than the expected time. People told me Ni no Kuni 2 was 40 hours and can be beat faster. I beat the game at like 70 and platinum'd it at 90 exact. 98 with the adventure pack dlc that was free. I spend alot of time in games appreciating the details, looking around for Easter eggs and secrets/collectibles etc. They're not looking at the game from at strictly point a to point b situation and the casual person who's going to play through it but do a little more.

DarXyde28d ago

I imagine that depends on the difficulty you start out with. For that very reason, I like to play on harder difficulties so I can enjoy dying, but getting more out of my first playthrough.

If you can believe it, back in the day, I got so good at Demon's Souls that I beat the entire game in one all-day session.

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The story is too old to be commented.