God of War Wins Game of the Year at New York Game Awards, RDR2 Wins Best World and Writing

God of War got the Game of the Year at this year's New York Game Awards, as well the award for best acting (for Christopher Judge). Red Dead Redemption 2 won in the best world and writing categories.

Other winners were Tetris Effect, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Florence, Dead Cells, the Shadow of the Colossus remake, the Nintendo Labo Variety kit, and Jade Raymond for the industry veteran award.

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KaiPow28d ago

Labo finally getting the recognition it deserves!

bluefox75528d ago

Currenty GOTY tally:
God of War - 172
RDR2 - 122
Gotta say, I'm a bit surprised after gaming media fawned over RDR2, along with the fact that it's multiplat, I thought R* had it in the bag. I think God of War absolutely deserves it though. One of the best games I've played in years.

YodaCracker28d ago

RDR2 is already the highest rated and fastest selling game of the generation. God of War deserves the recognition.

S2Killinit28d ago

Are you sure RDR is highest rated? Pretty sure its not.

Alexious28d ago

They're both amazing games.

fluxmulder28d ago

According to :
RDR2 - 171
GOW - 160

MrVux00026d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Never herd of that one.

Most people use the "GOTY Picks Blogspot" site.

MrVux00026d ago

I was not surprised at all TBH.
As soon as i read some reviews, all the 10s while still being critiqued heavily on gameplay, bugs and terribly paced story and predictable ending...along with playing the game... i knew this will be another GTAV vs TLOU scenario.

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Bronxs1528d ago

Really? I thought the writing in god of war was pretty good. BOY!

badz14928d ago

apparently not as good as Dutch's "I have a plan!"

Forn28d ago

Yeah, that got old. "Just one more score!"

stupidusername28d ago

That’s the whole reason he said it though. It got old and it was a sign of him losing his shit never knowing when enough is enough.

nucky6428d ago (Edited 28d ago )

oh, geez - how i grew SICK of "i have a plan" or "i just need some time" or "you have to trust me" - dutch just kept repeating this drivel over and over.
edit - at Forn, yea that too but he didn't overuse that line as much as the 3 above.

goldwyncq28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


That repeated line represents Dutch's desperation and descent into madness and becomes very meaningful if you've played the first game.

MrVux00026d ago

Arhtur: *Donates thousands of dollars to camp funds*
Dutch: "We need more moneh....and some goddamn faith Arthur!"

Made me laugh every damn time ;D

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TheSinsibleOne28d ago

"I gave you all I had Dutch" ;-(

Profchaos28d ago

It was but so was rdr2 there can be more than one good game this year

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