Resident Evil 2 Tech Analysis: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X vs PC Graphics Comparison

Resident Evil 2 is a technical marvel and it offers a peek at what next-gen visuals might look like.

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DrumBeat23d ago

The PC version's frame rate (at least on this PC) looks pretty rough.

windblowsagain23d ago

I never even watched the end of it, but if it was using DX12 then that's why.

DX11 is a must for this title.

Unspoken22d ago

Digital Foundry found PS4 Pros chunky soup and the PC verision looking fairly amazing. XB1X even had an edge on PC in some of the graphical properties. Maybe due to VRAM?

1nsomniac23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I played the demo on a 1060 at 1440p max settings and framerate was above 60fps

I used DX11. Didn’t even try it with DX12

MASTAN1NjAH23d ago

Gaming bolt tech analysis are so lame.
Everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon of Digital Foundary and claim to be technical experts. PS4 Pro actually uses checkerboard rendering to reach the target resolution of 1620p whilst XB1X does it natively at a locked 60fps.

Jin_Sakai23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

“PS4 Pro actually uses checkerboard rendering to reach the target resolution of 1620p whilst XB1X does it natively at a locked 60fps.“

Xbox One X isn’t a locked 60fps.

CrimsonWing6923d ago

Um where did you get your info from? Pretty sure that’s incorrect.

BLow23d ago

Before the X, I remember anything less than native 4k was bad. How times have changed. So , it can be any resolution as long as it is better than the Pro. Got it. The X should always be better. Common sense logic. Came out a year later and is more expensive. Congratulations. I hope all actually enjoy the game.

AAWELLS0923d ago

Quit worrying about nonsense. Just play games and stop complaining about what other people say. Both sides change the narrative all the time.

MASTAN1NjAH23d ago

I don’t expect 4k if the game runs 60fps only for 30fps titles.
Even an RTx 2080 Ti can’t do 4K 60 for most titles.

zodiac90923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Honestly PC MAX settings didn't really look much different from Consoles, if anything it looked a bit brighter, and more a little fuzzy on PC. XBone looked better than PC

Tzuno23d ago

Consoles are showing their age, sell it now, maybe 3 exclusives left and after that is goodbye.

gayan59823d ago

So nothing new?

Expensive pc is the best, then the X with some minor graphic advantages but no fps advantage over the pro.

Imortus_san23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Yup nothing new, more res and more frame rate in gameplay (4m38s).

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