Kotaku: Fallout 3 Review

Fallout 3 is an epic experience that manages to channel the odd combination of dark humor and bleak despair of the original series while being more than strong enough to stand on its own two feet, stepping out into the sun for the very first time.

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vitz34272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

No way in Hell I'm clicking a Kotaku link. I already know what they're gonna say. The 360 version saved them from a fire and gave them the best gift to mankind, while the PS3 version killed their family and sh*t in their cereal.

lol, my bad, they didn't even play the pstriple version.

Johnny Rotten4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

That may not be what they were saying but that's what they were thinking about even before they started to play the game.

If it wasn't for Kotaku gas huffing would be cool.