Are Streaming Services a Threat to Video Games

There’s a huge battle going on in gaming right now. It’s not Nintendo vs. Sega, or Sony vs. Microsoft, PC vs. consoles, or even loot boxes vs. European legislative bodies. No, the biggest battle in gaming right now is the battle for time. It sounds obvious, but there’s only so much free time a person, a consumer, has. And more and more entertainment options are demanding more and more of that time. As such, entertainment companies, regardless of their content space, are bleeding through their respective boundaries and beginning to see each other as competition. No better example of this is a battleground forming between two absolute titans in entertainment media: Netflix and Fortnite.

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chris23530d ago

no, not the streaming services but the underlying shady business models that are coming with it.

AK9130d ago

Unless we get better internet in multiple countries then yes.