Things are not going well with Activision Blizzard

The big publisher Activision Blizzard has lost one of its major pillars. Bungie, and with it the online shooter Destiny, has recently parted ways. The company has been dropping on the stock market for some time and many of the beloved series is not performing optimally.

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Omac_brother27d ago

It's certainly going to be interesting to see what Acti do in the next 12 months. They've Remastered almost all of their dormant IP's worth reviving and have lost a tent pole IP. What they fill these gaps with is going to be worth watching I imagine.

OtterX27d ago

Announcing Diablo IV with a release with in the next year, or at least the end of 2020 would help. (not that I am rooting for Activision)

That's because I do still believe in Blizzard. I really think Activision pressured them into going mobile, because the Blizzard I have always known prioritizes quality games over cash-grabs. Diablo Immortal was a disaster announcement. Never should have been announced before Diablo IV. After? Sure. Not that I would care. I can't stand playing games on my phone.

Dabigsiebowski27d ago

You believe in Blizzard? You do realize that all the "real" talent @ Blizz are mostly all gone now. The exec's took over and forced out the talented creative minds. It's pretty apparent with the current state of wow and the state of diablo. Exec's make the games now, not the developers and Blizzard has show this through and through.

ImGumbyDammit27d ago

If you look at Activision the execs that ran Blizzard before the merger are promiently placed all over Activision making many of the decisions now.

wraith999926d ago

@ImGumbyDammit, yes the execs, the creative talent no

pretty sure metzen retired as much because of this as to spend more time with his family (miss u warchief)

Michiel198927d ago

I can tell u what they are gonna do. They are gonna flood black ops store with an incredible amount of reticules, each time they put up a new one its gna be 1 dollar more than the last one.

conanlifts26d ago

Yes and if you don't buy the reticules they will try to find a way to name and shame you for it.

SlagWolf27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Last great EA game I would say was Dead Space 2. What was that like 9 years ago or some thing also Battlefield 3 was pretty good I think that was around the same time

Michiel198926d ago

Titanfall was pretty good as well

Ceaser985736126d ago

In other news CDPR's Cyberpunk 2077 creative director joins Blizzard

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Kabaneri27d ago

Say what you want about EA but at least they take more risk than Activision.

kevnb27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Not lately, unless you count releasing unfinished rushed games as a risk.

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InTheZoneAC27d ago

Risks? When the hell did they last release a great aaa single player game?

AngelicToucH27d ago

LMAO so where does this risk = single player logic? They take risks when they try something that might or not the cancelled StarWars, like Unravel 1 & A Way Out and so on. Nice try though.

BlaqMagiq127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They need to take another risk with another Fight Night. That was the last great sports franchise I respected from EA and they shelved it for the awful UFC franchise.

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kevnb27d ago

I bet they will separate, wouldn't the gaming industry be interesting without EA and Activision?

Marioraider1827d ago

Add Bethesda to the list. They are no angels. They tried adding paid mods to steam. They lied about Fallout 76. They ripped off customers by giving them a cheap ass bag as a collectors edition item which wasn't what was promised. They are now charging $20 for some stupid Fallout 76 outfits. I kind of like their games, but the company is being ran by greedy morons who put more emphasis on taking money over fixing bug infested games

slate9127d ago

I feel like Bethesda blundered recently with 76. But they are no where near the sh*t stain EA and Activision have become to the gaming industry.
Elder Scrolls and their new space RPG will dig them out of the small hole they made.

FunAndGun27d ago

Bethesda did that before 76 was even conceived. Release after release is buggy and unstable, but 'fans' kept buying anyway. Not Bethesda's fault they got away with releasing bugs and being praised for their games. They just figured you guys don't mind buying undercooked software. Then 76 rolls around and you guys are shocked.

kevnb27d ago

Bethesda introduced the micro transaction, remember horse armor?

Silly gameAr27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Never been a Bethesda fan. Always wondered how people could support a company that constantly released games that are buggy and glitchy, that would sometimes make the game unplayable.

DarXyde26d ago


Are we thinking of the same Bethesda? As in the people that never released a functional game the first time? As in the same ones that had a whole fiasco regarding the canvas bags? The same Bethesda that coasted by on underserved consumer faith because they're "the Fallout and Elder Scrolls guys"? The very company that disabled the nuclear codes feature and ask gamers to do homework to get their accounts to a game they probably don't care to play anyway back?

EA and Activision at least make games that are quality in terms of not being glitchy. Once in a while, they get great ideas that gamers seem to love. Bethesda just seems to make games people probably want and destroy them somehow.

L7CHAPEL26d ago

Or giving games enough time in development, and or updating your out-of-date freaking engine or rewriting and creating a new one,
to where you don't release such buggy shity games...

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Mirdus27d ago

Blizzard going at it alone, that'd be one of the best days in gaming history in my books.

Activision can f. off for all i care

CrimsonWing6927d ago

Do you guys not have cell phones?

Marioraider1827d ago

Jump ship like Bungie did. Activision is evil. Who the hell sells a $1 crosshair microtransaction. Who the f*** wants Diablo mobile games? F*** Activision

Elimin827d ago

Shut up! You know you want it..... Do you NOT have a mobile device? Ok then.... On a more serious note I do agree but I have a feeling seeing as whet they're going through they're gonna want to hang on to blizzard as tight as possible. But one can sure dream. If bungie did it, so can blizz?

DerekTweed26d ago

I don't want mobile games and apparently, everyone here doesn't either but that doesn't mean there aren't tons of people who do.

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