Resident Evil 4 has 'Best Opening Fight in Any Game,' Says Uncharted 4 Co-Director

Bruce Straley, the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us co-director, praised Resident Evil 4 and called Shinji Mikami the “God of gameplay!”

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SenorJepeto28d ago

My best opening fight is still the first Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus

cpayne9328d ago

What a way to grab your attention. The music and scale were just nuts, especially for a ps2.

JKSimmons28d ago

That village fight was awesome!

Mikami did a brilliant job with RE4.

Marioraider1828d ago

Everything was going great until the chainsaw guy came out

YodaCracker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It was so intense! The villagers just kept coming and coming. Nowhere felt safe because there were multiple entrances to every building. If you blocked a door, they would climb up ladders and come in the top floor windows.

When you return to the village later on at night in the rain, I actually stopped playing for about a year because I was too afraid to continue, lol! Most of the time, the ominous music will start playing when an enemy spots you, so if there is silence, you know you’re safe. But at that part, the eerie music plays constantly, so you never know if an enemy is going to sneak up behind you!

The lab with the regenerators was another terrifying part. God, that horrible wheezing sound they make. Still gives me chills. Not to mention when you shoot off their legs and think you’re safe with them lying there, only to have them lunge at you from the ground. *turns off GameCube* Nope, I’m out!

Baza28d ago

God of War has the best opening fight. And it sets up everything beautifully

KyRo28d ago

That fight with the stranger before he's given his name is incredible. I got strong DBZ vibes from it lol

roadkillers28d ago

The original God of War with the hydra was holy crap!

VerminSC28d ago

After that boss fight I text my brother “I think god of war is going to be a masterpiece” lol

Sevir28d ago

Yeah that fight between Kratos and The Stranger was just amazing. To see them redefine scale, and take the epic larger than life fights of the prior games and make such an Earth shaking fight like that speaks to their talent

ShinRon27d ago

hope youre talking about the original

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P_Bomb28d ago

Love the RE4 village intro. The atmosphere, the music, all the Spanish I didn’t understand, the chainsaw. Moving shelves to block doors. Jumping outta windows. Great tension. Mix of running, hiding, attacking. Beautiful misery. Loved it!

Imalwaysright28d ago

Indeed it is. People say that RE4 isn't a RE game but to me it kept the most important aspect of the original games: the creepy and tense atmosphere and the RE4 opening was one of the most intense fights I experienced in a video game.

AntiZeal0t28d ago

4 released when I was about 11 years old, and I never really got over the tension that game gave me. It's still one of my favorite games, I'm 25 now and I still play through it at least once a year.

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