PSLS: LittleBigPlanet's Unreleased MySackboy Site

PlayStationLifeStyle stumbled upon a MySackboy generator site hidden away on the LittleBigPlanet official site. It's currently not linked to anywhere from the main pages (that they know of). Is this a site in development that will be released in the future?

It's a pretty cool site and gives those of us who don't have the game yet something to play with.

UPDATE: Site is linked to from the bottom of the UK site, but not US. So this site has been released, but not in the US. Some forum chatter about it, but we'll keep the news up so that those in the US who may not have seen the site can check it out!

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StalkingSilence4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

Based on the SHARE options there, and the fact that the dialog box isn’t very descriptive and some features say “coming soon” - I think this is unreleased.

I checked all foreign versions of the LittleBigPlanet main site and can’t find a link.

Thanks to Google for helping me find this.

I was in search of information on http://www.littlebigplanet.... which is the site (currently not available) where you will be able to access LittleBigWorkshop among other things!

gunmetal4610d ago

You could have found it on N4G, as this has been linked before.

Darkiewonder4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

It was there when they updated the UK site on [the bottom set of links when everything is loaded]

been there quite some times.

StalkingSilence4610d ago

I saw the gallery has a lot of entries, so I guess that would make sense. But the site isn't currently linked to from or en_US. Maybe they weren't happy with the site?

Darkiewonder4610d ago

StalkingSilence4610d ago

thanks for the info! I made sure the article was updated. Still a lot of US gamers might not have seen the site, so I think PSLS will leave it up.

looking forward to littlebigworkshop

steriotyp4610d ago

Although its findable, most gamers on the site would probably of overlooked it. Keep up the good work. Your site seems to be on top of the game. good job.

Nitrowolf24610d ago

i hope they get more customization

StalkingSilence4610d ago

and it'd be nice to see PSN integration to actually display your sackboys. that would be cool. instead of registering a new random account with MM.

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