Senior Staff Level Designer of God of War Joins Microsoft's First Party Studio The Initiative

Microsoft's new first-party studio, The Initiative, just added some brand new talent with the addition of Senior Staff Level Designer of God of War, Chris O'Neill.

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Obscure_Observer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Another great addition to MS New First Parte Studio, The Iniciativa. Thanks Phil Spencer!

AngelicIceDiamond24d ago

MS can use all the top talent they can get, good for The Initiative.

neutralgamer199223d ago

What thanks Phil for what? What have these studios produced that you are thanking him already

Instead of blindly thanking a company how about you wait and see. Plus we shouldn't have to thank them when we buy their consoles so it's their job to deliver content. Can we thank him got closing studios and canceling games too than?

boing123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Means absolutely nothing. I've worked with plenty of seniors who were just terrible. They often are super lazy and they switch projects to hide their inability to work properly. Talk is cheap.

Obscure_Observer23d ago


"What thanks Phil for what? What have these studios produced that you are thanking him already "

Because Phil doesn´t just stop at his promise on invest/create/acquire new first party studios and games. He´s also empowering those studios with the best talents in gaming out there, back slapping toxic fanboy´s faces while destroying their empty new rethoric which states that future Xbox first party games will be low quality middle tier games since Microsoft is making first party titles avaliable day one on Game Pass. This article says pretty much the contrary.

So i ask: What´s the point in hiring the best talent in gaming to deliver sub par quality games? Jealous fanboy logic to you. ;)

akbennyewu23d ago


I'll make sure I run by all of my future planned thank yous to make sure you concur they are deserved.

Quit crying over things that have zero impact on your life.

CoinOrc20d ago

“Because Phil doesn’t just stop...”
We have yet to see that. I’ll thank him when and if his studio acquisitions produce some quality exclusives.

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Team_Litt24d ago

E3 is going to be even better than last year if even just 2 of the 7 new studios show what they are working on.

Obscure_Observer24d ago


You might just get what you wish since Ninja Theory already confirmed that they will reveal their next project this year, while Playground's new RPG is just around the correr. :)

Baza24d ago

I can’t wait to see what they release in 3-4 years.. so much HOPE and POTENTIAL

XiNatsuDragnel24d ago

I'm excited to see what this becomes

ILostMyMind24d ago

Microsoft, stop trying to be Sony.

Movefasta199324d ago

If rather them try to beSony than what they were for most of this gen...

neomahi24d ago

That's a good point. Anything is better than them being Microsoft but, that's what Microsoft does, it's the Steve Ballmer effect "if you can't challenge them, mimmick them."

skiggy3424d ago

MS will do better than Sony. Remember something, Sony has been in the biz a lot longer than MS so the way I see it, MS is just warming up. The past 2 gens they used a lot of 3rd party devs and only a couple first party to make games. Now they have an entire list of first party devs so they are now just getting started if you ask me. I honestly think Sony is going to get crushed next gen. I'll still get a PS5 also but I rarely ever play my PS consoles..

Ricegum24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


"MS will do better than Sony."

Anddddd thats when you lost your credibility. Also, your comment history is appalling.

Ceaser985736123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

"MS will do better than Sony. Remember something, Sony has been in the biz a lot longer than MS so the way I see it, MS is just warming up."

LOL! Okay let's see what they do next gen... Sony will simply not stay quiet if you think the opposite. Dont be disappointed.. They will do even better...

Cueil23d ago

As long as it's 2015 16 Sony... Not feeling what has been going on in the back end

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capjacksparrow24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I'd rather them try and make more Sony-like games than Sony try to make more MS-like games, that's for sure xD

RememberThe35724d ago

Disagrees don't want Sony to make games anymore😂

spicelicka24d ago

Yea! Same with Nintendo. Stop trying to make video games!

DeadManMMX24d ago

Yeah ok. Compare the PS4 console to a PS3 then compare it an Xbox 360. Which one does it have more similarities to. This is the industry. Everyone learns from everyone what works. Before trophies there were achievements. Before Move or Kinect there was the Wii. Life goes on and on and on and ooooon.

rainslacker24d ago

I think he was talking about in terms of games. In which case, I don't agree, because I'd prefer they be more like Sony, because Sony makes some great games, and we all want great games.

bluefox75524d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I mean, that's what they need to do. If they'd copy Sony, maybe I'd have a reason to buy their games again. Unfortunately though, I don't see any massive changes by acquiring just one of their former designers. I think most of MS's problem comes down to management, and being too hands on with their talent, rather than lack of talented designers.

DeadManMMX24d ago

Well see they are giving Ninja Theory and Obsidian creative freedom, and I am genuinely excited to see what if anything comes out of it.

NarutoFox24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Microsoft don't believe in single player games really they believe in multiplayer games with Microtransactions

Kribwalker24d ago

They’ve acquired quite a few big talents in recent months. including the lead producer from god of war 2018 as well as rockstar games and Crystal dynamics talent

Obscure_Observer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


Lol! It's clear that Microsoft is moving too fast for you to keep up!

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outsider162424d ago

Isn't that a good thing though?

Imalwaysright24d ago

?? This is normal in this industry. Corrinne Yu worked at 343 industries before joining ND and I'm sure that there are more people that worked in a MS owned studio before joining a Sony studio and vice versa.

timotim24d ago

Not so much about Microsoft looking to be Sony as much it is about a developer looking to leave Sony...

Razzer23d ago

A bit about both really.

343_Guilty_Spark24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Sony pay better

I’d rather them combine the best of Sony, Nintendo and MS.

Sony - best exclusives for adults
Nintendo - best a family, fun, and casual gaming
Xbox - best with hardware, community, legacy gaming, multiplayer

They all have strengths and weaknesses.

NarutoFox24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

"Sony - best exclusives for adults
Nintendo - best a family, fun, and casual gaming
Xbox - best with hardware, community, legacy gaming, multiplayer"

How did you come up with this conclusion? This is your own opinion and it doesn't make it right LOL

starchild24d ago

That's a pretty balanced summary of each of their strengths.

Christopher24d ago

Sony pays really well, just Microsoft is offering more for key roles. Neither pays less than average.

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gangsta_red24d ago

Maybe this person saw a better opportunity at MS

AngelicIceDiamond24d ago

MS is a publishing company that funds projects just like Sony. The only way MS can copy them if they released games that were very similar to Sony's titles. As far as Im concerned I see no similar titles from Xbox. Chris O'Niel joined the initiative. You finish one big project you join another project, just like the movies. Its how it works.

Christopher24d ago

People: Microsoft is worse because they don't do what Sony does.
Also people: Microsoft should stop trying to be Sony.

Razzer23d ago

Different people or the same?

Christopher23d ago

I'd say at least half are the same, but that's just my perception, not hard data.

It's just funny seeing how nothing can ever be good enough for people.

Personally, I'd love it if Sony started copying Microsoft on some things (give me my BC access to my massive PS3 library).

cd123d ago

You make it sound like MS invented BC - PS3 was natively BC.

gangsta_red23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


But the PS4 isn't and doesn't offer an option for it if you own PS3 games to be played on your PS4.

I think this is what Christopher was referring too.

cd123d ago (Edited 23d ago )


Of course not, by all accounts the PS3 architecture was too difficult to emulate but when feasible Sony do appear to value BC and have done for some time. No matter how you look at it Sony wouldn't be copying MS if they introduced it again next gen.

Christopher23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

cd1, you're reading way too hard to defend Sony when they don't need it. Neither had any BC at the start of this generation. Microsoft found a software solution to allow disc recognition and make it entirely forward compatible on any future x86 system. I want Sony to follow suit of that. I want to put in my PS4 disc in my PS5 and play it and eventually I want the same with my extensive PS2 and PS3 collection.

Both the PS3 and 360 had hardware-based BC support. But let's give credit to MS kicking it up a notch with a software solution that is forward compatible and doesn't require rebuying games.

cd123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Oh i'm not defending Sony, they may value BC but their far from perfect - I was just pointing something out.

optimus21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

@Cd1... you seem to conveniently forget that sony took out the backwards compatibility option from the ps3 because according to them, people aren't interested in playing old games on new consoles....and i remember quite well a good portion of their consumers praising the decision because it would bring the price down. all the while telling the angry crowd not to trade or sell their ps2's if they want to play their old games...the nerve. 🙄 ....

at the end of the day, they both copy from each other. they have to in order to get better. how long did it take sony to charge for online play after seeing microsoft make millions from it every year? it's called competition, if there wasn't any then we would still be playing games that look like pong.

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King_Noctis24d ago

I’m sorry, but wasn’t some of you wanted MS to make more “exclusive single player cinematic story driven” games like Sony?

But now you say MS shouldn’t be like Sony? Lmao, the spin.

optimus24d ago

I'd say it's more hypocrisy than spin.

Razzer23d ago

Some of you? You can't name anyone specifically? Cuz....different people say different things.

gangsta_red23d ago


He's obviously referring to the people who said it then right?

Potnoodle99924d ago

On the one hand... I know right
On the other, I’d love them to be like Sony. Then I may consider buying what there selling

Ceaser985736123d ago

I would want MS to try to be Sony in gaming, It will actually be great.. I will invest on a xbox and Sony will push to do much better.. Let them fight and we fans are going to enjoy better games..

BlackRaven85_123d ago

ILostMyMind - So it's Microsoft's fault for him choosing to take the job now? Wait, did Microsoft suddenly kidnap him and force him to come work for them? No. He's a grown man. He choose to go there. This has nothing to do with them trying to be like Sony.

Your username fits you because you have lost your mind, fanboy. This can only be a good thing for all gamers. Microsoft should be allowed to do better. If he wants to work with them, then that's his decision. 😒

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