Mirror's Edge demo coming tomorrow

EA has confirmed that a demo for their first person free-running title Mirror's Edge will be hitting PlayStation Network tomorrow.

The demo will also be available to download on Xbox Live, but not until Friday October 31st.

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Imallvol74836d ago

I needed this demo bad . . . I don't know how I feel about this game.

Hagaf224836d ago

im interested, but not yet to the point of buying it, this could be the smartest thing ea has done to get me interested, getting demos after release is lame, i love demos before the game comes out, it builds up hype, assuming the demo rocks.

Peter Griffin4836d ago

(Sony enthusiast about 360 gettin it later joke pending......)

Conan9974836d ago

Hey guys, did you hear about Mirrors edge demo coming to the 360 later than the PS3. Yea, its running a little late! HAH

...thank you for the setup, peter

TheTwelve4836d ago

Looks like Microsoft forgot to throw money at this one.


JasonXE4836d ago

or sony threw money at them.

Peter Griffin4836d ago

ah dont mention it. we gotta look out for each other in this small Sony world

Danja4836d ago

Or maybe it's just EA way of thanking PS3 owners since it sells more software on PS3 than it does on 360

Danja4836d ago

Or maybe this is EA's way of thanking the PS3 owners since they sell more software on PS3 than they do on

GVON4836d ago

will this hit the Japanese store first,any info is greatly appreciated

chaosatom4836d ago

because PSN is better than Live.

god_o_war4835d ago

lol but didnt EA come out last year saying that it makes more money from its mobile division than the ps3???

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superman4836d ago

Holy yes... At last. Mirror's Edge.

foo-194836d ago

finally get to try this out