The new Resident Evil 2 proves that remasters are dead | GQ

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that remastering games isn’t enough anymore.
Resident Evil 2 has been entirely rebuilt from scratch to meet modern standards – and it's brilliant.

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2pacalypsenow29d ago

No shit. No one claimed remasters are better than remakes.

Marioraider1828d ago

I have a feeling Square Enix are going to really f*** up Final Fantasy VII. I pray they won't. But I feel like they don't know what fans want

Pennywise13828d ago

Another issue I see being a problem for the Final Fantasy 7 remake is that the fans themselves seem to be divided. Seems half the fans want it to stay turn based and the other wants it to evolve into a full fledge action RPG like FF15.

DarXyde28d ago

They're taking their time with it. They might mess up, but I have some faith.

They may not exactly deserve it... but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

kayoss27d ago

Do we even know what we want??

Muzikguy27d ago

I've been thinking this almost since the reveal. The fact they're changing so much kind of says that too. I'm not anticipating it like other games

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nucky6428d ago

perfectly said, 2pacalypsenow.
did we really need someone to write and article to tell us the obvious??

darthv7228d ago

Does this writer not even know there already were remasters of RE2 along with RE1, 3 and 4?

This is a remake not a remaster.

CrimsonIdol28d ago

News to me. When did they remaster Resident Evil 2? I know they did 1 properly for the Gamecube then subsequent touch-up versions of that again for later consoles. I don't remember a Resident Evil 2 remaster though, just ports.

BlackRaven85_127d ago

On what platform is this Resident Evil 3 Remastered Edition? Oh wait, there wasn't one. Nevermind Resident Evil 2, which we just got. Clearly, you have no clue what you're talking about, Darthv72.

snake-OO27d ago

RE1 was a remake on gamecube, then a remaster of the remake was released on PS3,PS4, X360, X1, and PC. RE2, 3 were ports of the original, no remaster were ever released for these games.
RE4(PS4, X1 and PC) and code Veronica( PS3,X360)were remasters on modern consoles.

Muzikguy27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

News to me and I've played all the main RE games

darthv7227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@all above, so you guys dont consider a port that has been cleaned up to be better than the original the same as a remaster? Do you think remasters can only exist on the same platform, ex: PS1 to PS2 or PS3? A remaster is usually any time something is re-released with improvements to the overall quality not so much major changes to the content. The DC ver of RE2 may be a port, considering it released not long after but the GC version would be considered a remastered port since it was re-released much later.

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wonderfulmonkeyman28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

That doesn't mean that remasters are dead, though; there ARE cases, after all, where a remake turns out to be worse than its source material by not paying proper respect to it.
Fortunately, the new version of RE2 avoided that pitfall, and it's all the better for it.

In either case, though, I'm happy with both varieties of bringing older titles into the future. Both remakes and remasters have their place.

abstractel28d ago

Yeah, and remasters and remakes can co-exist. Not every popular game from the past is going to be able to justify a budget of basically a triple A title.

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jeromeface29d ago

It's also not enough like the original to be called a remaster. It's a re-imagining.

kayoss27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

RE2 not a remaster, its a remake. For example, the movie Bladerunner is a remake of the original. We dont call it a remaster of the original.

nicsaysdie27d ago

Did you mean Bladerunner 2049?

dreamoner27d ago

Is there a remake of Bladerunner? Cos 2049 is a sequel.

maybelovehate27d ago

There is no remake of Bladerunner.

AnnaDea28d ago

piece of sh*t click bait article.

Running for traffic before friday huh?

dmonee28d ago

I agree! The headline is very deceptive.

CorndogBurglar28d ago

Has this guy not seen the amount of remasters that get made? Sure everyone would prefer remasters, but to say that remasters are dead is pretty ignorant.

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

Sometimes a game is just not popular enough to remake, or some games just can't be remade with modern sensibilities and still be the same game, there are a few cases where I'd rather have a remaster over a remake.

Muzikguy27d ago

I don't mind remasters at all. Sometimes a remake takes away from what made the game great. I also think that sometimes a remake would be better off as a completely different game. Some remakes are good though and I'm sure this one is. The first game was great. FFVII? Not so sure

CrimsonWing6928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

geez... ok, do people need a lesson on remasters and remakes?

Here's something maybe they can follow: you know how they'll release a blu-ray of an old movie and the image quality is sharper and the audio sounds bette? Well that's a remaster.

You remember how there was a Total Recall and Robocop "reboot"? Those are essentially the equivalents of a remake.

So, to further break it down Code Veronica X HD = remaster. Resident Evil 2 Remake = Remake.

So, with that in mind remasters are super quick cash grabs and remakes are expensive to produce. This gen has shown that people are willing to buy remasters, so until consumers don't purchase remasters they aren't dead.

darthv7228d ago

I thought a remake stayed true to the source material but remade some things to improve where there were faults before. A remaster takes the source material and cleans it up, no major changes but a reboot is a complete from scratch re-imagining while keeping the source material as a guideline.

Shadow of the colossus PS3 = HD remaster of the original PS2 game.
Shadow of the colossus PS4 = remake of the original PS2 game.
Ratchet and Clank PS3 = HD remaster of the PS2 game
Ratchet and Clank PS4 = remake of the PS2 game

Devil May Cry PS3 / 360 = reboot as everything else but the characters name had been done from scratch.

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

I'd consider Shadow of the colossus PS4 to be a remaster as well, a remake can be considered a re-imagining of a game to a degree, I more or less agree with your definition on remake/remaster/reboot though.

jlove4life28d ago

Great explanation this is how I see it as well as remake to me is like a reboot movie or television show take Netflix sabrina teenage witch (my girl clicked on it but it's really good) same charecter names similar to original but story arc does things original show didn't that's a remake aka reboot same exact game with fresh new coat of paint (graphics or fps) that's a remaster

CrimsonWing6928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I consider a remake just exactly what the name implies, a game remade with entirely new assets.

NapalmSanctuary28d ago

@FinalFantasyFanatic Shadow Of The Colossus ps4 doesn't have any assets from the ps2 original. Everything was recreated from the ground up. In other words, there was nothing to remaster. Its a straight up remake.

CorndogBurglar27d ago

@ FinalFantasyFanatic

"I more or less agree with your definition on remake/remaster/reboot though."

Well you are wrong then. Remakes and remasters are not up for interpretation. They are what they are.

Remasters use the old game and simply clean up the graphics and sometimes sound.

Remakes are a complete remake of the game, from start to finish.

Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 was a total remake. They created the game brand new from the ground up. It doesn't matter that they kept the story and pretty much everything else the same. It was still a complete remake.

darthv7227d ago

@corndog, so then my examples would be correct. You just described, in a few more words, the same thing I did.

SoTC on PS4 is a remake because they remade all the assets in the game but stayed true to the original story, characters and such.

DMC on PS3 is a reboot because its only connection to the original is character name and concept. Everything else is from scratch.

SoTC on the PS3 is a remaster because they took the original game and cleaned it up and updated the resolution.

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