NES Classic Outsold PlayStation Classic in US in December, Outsold PS4 and Xbox One SKUs in 2018

Now you are playing with power.

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25d ago
eagle2124d ago

1985 NES said "nah, I'm so 2018"

ApexWolf2224d ago

Hemorrhoid cream likely sold better than the PS Classic lol, about as useful too 😝. Seriously unless you plan on tinkering around with it with your PC, than it’s nostalgia done wrong, no sure where the QA dept was on this...

Knushwood Butt24d ago

I can't play the NES Classic for more than about 5 minutes. Ugh.

I like the musical jingles in Balloon Fight.

Never realized Donkey Kong only has 3 stages and then loops.

Never owned a NES back in the day, so little nostalgia factor apart from some of the 3rd party stuff, but even then, I swear Yie Ar Kung Fu was better on the Acorn Electron. It's practically unplayable on the NES classic and those horrible tiny pads.