Star Wars Deserves Better than EA

After news of another Star Wars game being canceled this week, it is glaringly apparent that EA has failed since acquiring the license.

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kalkano24d ago

It also deserves better than Disney, but nothing can really be done about that.

obidanshinobi24d ago

I dunno, Solo was a bit meh but Rogue One, TFA and TLJ have all been good films, TLJ being incredible and easily the best SW film since the original trilogy..
I'm happy with Disney's handling of SW so far.
People fail to realise that Disney have a very high standard of quality, they ensure that they're big brands are well handled.

Last_Boss24d ago

Dude! The new trilogy is an embarrassment to the series and story telling.

kalkano24d ago

TFA and Rogue One weren't bad. After that, it completely fell apart, and they started injecting real-world propaganda, and worst of all, they started talking down to and insulting their fanbase instead of owning up to their problems.

Nodoze24d ago

EA has cancelled more Star Wars games than they have shipped. Let's be honest BF II was simply an extension of BF with MANY models and assets simply being reused. So at most I count it as DLC.

SuperSonic9124d ago

Actually cancer cells are just garbage collectors like vultures and crows eat decaying organisms. They are not the bad guys.
You cpupd say EA are toxic chemicals that harm humans.

jaycptza24d ago

I know this won't happen but wonder what Naughty Dog/Guerilla would do with it?

rainslacker24d ago

I'd like to see supermassive take a stab at the story. They are good at crafting stories, and with branching narratives. While they're good at the games they make, I think someone else would have to design the game play, because that may be beyond their scope right now, although they may be able to expand with enough budget.

battlegrog24d ago

probably a very interesting take to gameplay but that will never happen.Has to be 3rd party

Hardiman24d ago

God we can dream because that would be the Star Wars game to play!

ClayRules201224d ago (Edited 24d ago )

The way EA has handled the Star Wars license is really embarrassing & pathetic. Disney, what the heck were you thinking??

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