New "Shredder" Guitar Hero Controller Gets Mixed Reviews

Gaming controller manufacturer Guitar Mania has released the first third-party controller for hit party game Guitar Hero. Though the "Shredder" boasts a hot new look, fans have given it mixed scores. It retails on import site Lik-Sang for $49.

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foss5098d ago

ppl must be sooo lazy. if they wanna play the guitar then go out and buy a proper guitar. this sort of game makes me cringe to think that these ppl playing this pathetic game think there good. i've been playing for 3 years and i've only just scratched the surface.......

StrngrWtCandy5098d ago

I enjoy Guitar Hero and im no good at a guitar(never tried really). Its just a game no sence in knockin on ppl that like to play it its like knockin a DDR maniac cause there not really dancing if they enjoy it then let them without judgement.

Marriot VP5097d ago

so what's more childish, the wii or this. Nahh I'm just kidding.

i'm not a hater

PS360PCROCKS5097d ago

WHAT?? Dude this game is unbelievably addicting, you have to try it before u knock it...and not to mention this game drunk, holy moly can make a huge party or any party tons of fun

foss5097d ago

guys i understand where your coming from. but why would i want to play a game where i pretend to play amazing guitar, when i can sit in my room, crank the amp up and start shredding - far more rewarding :D

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