Activision is selling a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 smiley face reticle for �1.79

Activision's ill-advised microtransactions streak for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 continues - the latest is a smiley face reticle that costs £1.79.

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Please fix the title - the pound symbol is showing up as a question mark.
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Community55d ago
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-Foxtrot56d ago

EA goes in like a bull in a china shop

Activision makes small surgical cuts

That's the difference and why Activision gets away more with it even though they are both as bad as each other. EA's controversies keep Activision under the radar so these small things go noticed.

Profchaos55d ago

Wow that's useless who buys that crap

badboyz0955d ago (Edited 55d ago )

The same people who watch other people play games and Donate them money.

Profchaos54d ago

Another trend I don't understand am I just that out of .... No it's the children who are out of touch

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Kumakai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

are we gonna write and post articles every single time Activision sells a reticle for a price? cuz personally i could give 0 f**cks. The ppl that buy them obviously find a value in them for whatever reason, and the ones that don't find value don't need an article to point out what they already feel.

gasp! micro transactions?! nothing new. if they didn't make millions of dollars, publicly traded studios would stop spending money developing them in the first place. The reality is no matter how negatively you feel about micro transactions or controversial prices of said transactions, millions of people are buying them, so stop acting f**king surprised or outraged every time a g*dd*amn reticle pops up for 2.00 of whatever your local currency is, cuz your gamer friends statistically disagree.... and no i personally would not spend money for a smiley face reticle, but thats not the point.

rpvenom55d ago

I think the point is if we all band together and make a statement and build awareness that we will not stand for this type of practice, then we have a small fighting chance to stop practices like these..

take for example what happened with battlefront star wars or shadow of war.. we all started attacking them through comments and with articles and they made adjustments accordingly..

this wont be a battle won overnight.. we must continue to bash these things so that they are included in the game as it should be rather then preying on young children and teens/adults who dont know any better..

Kumakai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

i get what you are saying, and I don’t necessarily disagree but statistically, gamers love buying this stuff and the proof is the profits. We may protest it, but the majority of gamers buy them. These items literally cost studios money to develop. they need the designers, the texture painters, the modelers, the publishing, the hosting etc... The only way studios are going to pay for that stuff is if its bringing in a return on that investment. In the case of of most micro transactions, they end up generating more revenue than the game itself over longer periods of time. so... my question to you is: how do you protest something that a majority of people want and that studios also want? That is MY point. not trying to be a jerk. it just seems futile. MTs wouldn’t exist if they weren’t successful; look at all the services etc that did get shut down from lack of use or popularity. Capitalism is like nature. The strongest revenues survive, whether we like it or not.

UltraNova54d ago


Imagine if no shits were given, as you suggest, how would a totally unleashed Activision, EA, MS etc do to us? Let that sink in for a moment.

You need to understand that even the slightest protest against their predatory practices,will, in some low level keep them restraint. We should never stop voicing our concerns. Never.

Apex1355d ago

So what! If people are silly enough to buy then let them.

MIKE702KA54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

They are that desperate cause it’s the worst of all black ops as far as sales go

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