Star Wars: EA Reportedly Will Not Let BioWare Make KOTOR Games

How long have KOTOR fans been talking about a new game? Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of talk of BioWare making a new KOTOR game the fans would love to see it happen. But now, EA has the contract on all Star Wars games and it doesn’t seem like its in the cards.

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gantarat25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

well first two game is not canon unless it's reboot.

veicht25d ago

Are star wars galaxy of heroes and force arena canon? They exist (post disney canon purge). Also should note that galaxy of heroes includes several KOTOR characters. I don't think it matters if the games are canon or not.

24d ago
Godmars29025d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Think the point is that they were GAMES. A game series that should be continued, but isn't... because EA is just that short sighted. RPGs don't make enough for them.

Disney should buy Bioware out from under EA, demand the studio in compensation for the harm done to their franchise, or otherwise contract Bioware to make SW games.

PiNkFaIrYbOi24d ago

Who would want the current Bioware?

Godmars29024d ago

Who wants Bioware under EA's thumb? No one.

MS buying buying them would be a good thing at this point. Given anything released would be on PC.

ConsoleGamer24d ago


MS is no better than ea

Godmars29024d ago

"At this point" MS, at the likely worst, would give lip service to the idea of SW RPGs. Make an online multiplayer w/o any real RPG mechanics while insisting it'll be an RPG. Hell, given that they've supposedly "learned their lesson", bought the guys who make Path of Exile, they may even make SW RPGs giving it to the POE people.

That versus EA's "RPGs can't be overly monetized, crapped out on a yearly basis, require work to be made, so f**k you."

ConsoleGamer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


Tbh both would be horrible options and i would rather want beloved franchises to die, than get raped by one of these companies. To avoid further catastrophic games, Ms should spend half a decade to get their sh!t together, rebuild their reputation, show that ms-studios are able to release a decent game more than once a couple of years before even be allowed to come near any popular franchises.

Longadog24d ago

ms buying them and handling the star wars line would just basically have the game end up as another generic colorful pew pew with a touch of bro dude..whether it be going pc or console

bloop24d ago

@Godmars290: "....demand the studio in compensation for the harm done to their franchise...."

Disney have done enough harm on their own to the franchise, with or without EA's help.

Godmars29024d ago

You talking just games, or everything? Cause i'm only saying this cause after all the money they spent, Disney's looking for compound interest even if they're so inept they're running SW into the ground.

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Sciurus_vulgaris25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

The writers of the animated clone wars series planned to canonize characters, species and events from KOTOR. A Selkath appeared in one clone wars episode as a bounty hunter and Revan had a deleted scene. The Clone Wars didn’t get to meet all of its story and events objectives due to Disney cancelling it.

gantarat24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Revan scene was remove due from lucas said sith or dark side user can't be force ghost.

PapaBop24d ago

@Gantarat that can't be the reason, Darth Bane appeared in the series as a force ghost.

Goldenarmz25d ago

Certain aspects of it is. As some of the characters have been made canon.

bigmalky25d ago

But ToR is still going under EA and Disney, so that part of the canon still exists.

I think it's more along the lines that a single player RPG will not allow them to make money from microtransactions. Putting micros in a new KOTOR game would be suicide anyway, as it would likely put off customers and flop.

gantarat24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

ToR is not canon.
According to Lucasflims Story Group. KOTOR era should suppose to be around 1000+ before ep 1 not 4000+ due technology that era not different from prequel trilogy.

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kevinsheeks25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

EA such a great company, their on fire making all the right moves this gen . . cancelled not one but two starwars games and not letting bioware make a highly requested game . . i can't wait to see what legendary moves they make in the future dragon age should be amazing . .

EddieNX 25d ago

Let's not forget what they did to Battlefront this gen, that was absolutely what everyone wanted!

pietro121225d ago

EA wasn't always this damn terrible, but they lost their way in the past 10 years (perhaps even longer)

jbull25d ago

That's the biggest shame, I remember a time when they published/developed great games like Future Cop LAPD, Freedom Fighters, Burnout and Command & Conquer.

annoyedgamer24d ago

My first PC game was an EA published game. Moto Racer.

rainslacker24d ago

They started going downhill once they got the exclusive NFL license, and then near the start of last gen, when they saw how much money they could make from using mobile market paradigms. They got CEO's who focused on maximizing revenue. In business, even if you get someone in there who wants to do things better, they have investors to think of, and they can't start doing things that will reduce their potential revenue streams, so instead, they keep trying to make more, finding new things that they hope the consumer will accept to that end.

SierraGuy24d ago

Activision/bioware incoming.

Fist4achin24d ago

Laid to rest the Dead Space series, made Command and Conquer a mobile, no Kotor, ME Andomeda debacle, no more Battlefield Bad Company,... Id say they really have gamers interests at heart!

jznrpg24d ago

The only game I have any interest in is Dragon Age and they screwed up 2 , 3 was better but had issues . All of their MT sports game I stay away from even though I like sports games .

DerekTweed24d ago

I'm pretty sure the 2 star wars games are the same, the closed Visceral and gave the game to EA Vancouver, then cancelled the game recently.

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badboyz0925d ago (Edited 25d ago )

people give them money and they can do what they want.

Build that WALL EA!!!! You can Do it

zacfoldor25d ago

The original KOTOR is one of my favorite games. The ability to pause and queue up commands made for strategic gameplay, and that story. What an epic game. It's a shame.

shaun mcwayne25d ago

Same game is great. The story is amazing better than all current star wars movies combined.

Akarogg 24d ago

I guess the fans will make it in Dreams instead

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