Why Resident Evil 4 is the worst in the series

"Resident Evil 4 is often praised as being one of the best games in the series. I vehemently disagree, and believe it's one of the worst games. Here's why!" - GameRevolution

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Neonridr28d ago

that crown belongs to 5 or 6 for me. I quite enjoyed 4, even if it strayed away from the "Zombie" aspect with the whole Las Plagas storyline.

Gaming10126d ago

Don't you remember the non numbered RE games? They were mostly garbage.

Gaming10126d ago

RE Dead Aim and Outbreak and OB File 2, they were garbage. 5 was ok, 6 was a giant turd with clunky controls, bad level design, bad enemy design, bad boss design, cheesy Japanese dialogue and nonsensical story, how anyone could think 4 is anything but the absolute best in level design, enemy design, puzzle and boss design, inventory design, weapon and upgrade design is beyond me. It is the only RE game I can go back to. The rest have aged like milk.

bouzebbal26d ago

Amazing and revolutionary action game when it came out. Capcom were really on top of their game with this and DMC.
but has nothing to do with RE games.. now i am glad RE7 is back to the roots and they finally got the wake up call to give fans something they deserve

Neonridr26d ago

Sorry, I wasn't counting the non-numbered entries as those are sort of spin-offs to me. But yet, those are mostly garbage.

TheEnigma31326d ago

part 6 by far is the worst.

PhantomTommy28d ago

Imagine hiring this lad to work for your video game site. Not only is Resi 4 objectively a belter from beginning to end, it's part of a series which includes Resident Evil 6. Please don't tell me you actually believe that 6 is a better game than 4?

Leeroyw26d ago

Article says one hour old. You posted this a day ago. Is this hack at game revolution re posting this rubbish article?

It's the journalistic equivalent of a kid smashing a glass for people to notice him.

Nerdmaster26d ago

The time of the article is when it leaves its "pending" status and shows up in the front page. However, even before that happens, you can comment on articles in "pending" status. That's why it's possible for the time on comments be older than the time of the article.

CrimsonWing6926d ago

I’m not gonna lie, I’d rather play 6 over 4, but I’m one of those crazy people that loves both.

EddieNX 26d ago

Resi 4 is by far and away the best Resi game. What is this guy smoking?

ZeekQuattro27d ago

Which would make RE 6 a better game by default. This is what you call clickbait. Lol No amount of mental gymnastics will change that fact.

Team_Litt27d ago

Worse than 6? Yeah okay guy.

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The story is too old to be commented.