I'm Sick of Video Game DLC

Stan says: "DLC has almost become the standard for big releases, but in my opinion, it really shouldn’t be there in the first place."

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gangsta_red913d ago

If there is one game that absolutely needed DLC it would have been GoW. It's actually ironic that one of the best games this gen didn't receive any.

Yi-Long913d ago

We've heard the developers say they had ideas/plans for additional content, but it would have been 'too ambitious'.

So hopefully, instead of selling it separately as DLC, they'll use the best of those ideas in their next release.

Nacho_Z913d ago

I was thinking that the realms they put in but didn't allow access to were ones they were half considering for DLC, but then decided after launch that they wanted to make at least one follow up so saved them for that instead.

gangsta_red913d ago

Yeah, I read that. But as I said, this is one game where it would have been great to actually have DLC for.

zackeroniii913d ago

Please tell us what DLC it "absolutely needed"...we're waiting.

SixFragz913d ago Show
gangsta_red913d ago

Oh I don't know...the other realms that were shown that were unavailable..

You know like people we're discussing on forums when the game was released.


Was the wait worth it?


Can we please stop the "oh wait..." internet gag. Shit was funny back on Yahoo messenger, but now I'm sure there's been brand new asshole material released since.

DarXyde913d ago

I'd have loved to throw down with Thor personally.

Still, given that he's a son of Odin, a battle with him is best left for the sequel.

KillBill912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

Multiplayer DLC for RDR2. FREE but needed.

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S2Killinit913d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheGamez100912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

No. Whatever extra that couldve been added should just be in a sequel. The game already has a great amount of content by itself and not to mention some that were added free via updates. Something many AAA games should do. Be a complete full game on launch.

Retroman912d ago

Why in the hell any game need DLC??? @ 60.00 a pop it should come Complete!!

Edito912d ago

Because the game is complete did what they intended to with the game now we just have to wait for a sequel...

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-Foxtrot913d ago

I like DLC where it's so big it acts like an expansion to the point developers sometimes let you play it as a stand-alone experience.

You do one or two big DLC expansions and you move on.

Yi-Long913d ago

I think npbpdy has a problem with DLC when it's done right (for example; The Witcher 3), but let's be honest, 80-90% of DLC is either mediocre or poor, simple quick cash-grabs.

If every developer supported their releases like CD Project Red, we would buy far more games on Day 1 for full price...

I usually wait for complete editions, but with Witcher 3 I bought it day 1, and with Cyberpunk 2077 it will also be a day 1, simply because I know they won't nickel & and dime me...

Rachel_Alucard913d ago

Witcher 3 DLC is the 1999 part of that infamous Mona Lisa pic that gets updated every few years. That's how it should be, unfortunately its too easy for these larger businesses to take advantage of the fact people don't add up what they spend in small increments.

Christopher913d ago

Dishonored Series does that really well. Old school expansions, not really DLC.

-Foxtrot913d ago

Only issue with Dishonoured I have is their DLC for Dishonoured 2 had you


Dealing with the Outsider as Billy and Daud, when really a huge character such as the Outsider, a character who's mysterious past, could have spawned over to the next game or even more.

Worst part is Corvo had no part in it, the Outsider and Corvo had a certain relationship aswell so I don't see why they didn't make one last game in a trilogy then wrapped up Corvo's and the Outsiders stories together. it's so silly the Outsider was dealt with in a short DLC, and I say short compared to a full on main game.

Christopher913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I think that is because they didn't sell well enough to get a third in the series but were allowed to finish it with the expansion. I also think your complaint about wanting it to be different has nothing to do with your complaint about DLC, which is what's being discussed.

meka2611913d ago

Yep Witcher 3 comes to mind for great DLC. A bunch of free stuff and then DLC almost as large as the main game. That's an expansion done right.

DarXyde913d ago


I think the Souls series, Bloodborne, and The Witcher III are splendid examples of dlc done well.

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isarai913d ago

I like it when released as expansions, but the $2-$5 hairstyles and outfits have got to stop

Yi-Long913d ago

DLC has made me spend less on games, not more.

In general, whenever DLC is announced, I'll refrain from buying the game at launch, and will patiently wait for a steep pricedrop, and/or a complete edition to be released.

EDKICK913d ago

Just playing devil's advocate here, I've made the same decision before and it's obviously your money to do what you want with. But is that line of thinking, not supporting a game you would have otherwise bought just on the principal that DLC has been announced for it (whether it looks good or bad) add to publishers feeling like they need to get more money from the player base. Kind of a cyclical problem but just a thought.

Yi-Long913d ago

To be honest, I think I spend more money on gaming than most, except it will be spread around far more, and because I'll wait for sales, I'm also buying games in genres I otherwise might not have tried.

I can spend 120 bucks on 2 brand new games on day 1, supporting those 2 devs, or I can pick up 120 bucks worth of games in sales, 10-15, maybe 20 bucks each, thus supporting 8-10 devs.

tombfan913d ago

Yup, I usually wait too for a GoTY edition too...

Platformgamer913d ago

that's what i do with fighting games in years, waiting the complete edition.
i'm still waiting to street fighter 5 and tekken 7 to stop adding stuff.

Hardiman913d ago

That's exactly what I do and most times get them on sale during Black Friday.

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Psychotica913d ago

So you would rather have all the content at a higher price instead of the base content at a lower price with the option to buy more? No thanks, I would be less upset if the game sucks @$59.99 than if it sucks @$79.99

rainslacker913d ago

Or a sufficient amount of content at a typical price, instead of just random content created to increase revenue, which could have made it into the game if the devs or pubs cared enough.

Hardiman913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Yeah why is so it so hard to see that some companies don't do these types of practices yet they still pour millions of dollars into a games development. They release full games at the standard price yet there are those who do the opposite! When things get tight you pull back on spending and learn to do more with less or not. Ninja Theory demonstrated this during Hellblade's development.

I get tired of the it so expensive we have to nickel and dime you to make up for it. Maybe cut back the scope of the title then. But let's be honest with most dlc you can see the quality isn't as up to par as with the title. Be it narrative or it being cosmetics that could've been unlocked in game. Maybe not having s bloated budget would help with some of that costs.

What gets me is that a lot of the ones who claim it's so expensive have the most capital. CDPR and GG did great with the expansions for Wild Hunt and HZD and in instances like those I'm more than ok with it. But the other garbage is just that garbage.

rainslacker912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

It's not about budgets needing to be recouped. It's that they will do everything they can to increase revenue. A AAA game designed to require these to return a profit is designed to increase revenue, as never is there a situation where the game won't recoup costs from the initial sale. If it can't do that, then it will flop regardless.

starchild913d ago


Yeah but most games have plenty of content at release. I feel games have actually gotten longer
over time to the point that it's getting harder to complete as many games. I really don't care that much if they put in a few trivial things people can buy if they want to. And if you don't care about it you can just skip it. Very rarely have I felt it hindered or detracted from my enjoyment of games.

kayoss913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

No, what he saying is that developers should focused on giving players the full game experience in the base game. DLC should be an after thought. There are too many times where developers cut content from the game to make into DLC. Purposely giving player incomplete games only to fill the gap with DLC.
Good examples of DLC done right are The last of us: Left Behind, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Infamous last light, Spiderman Silver lining,

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