Minefield - the (really) fast future of Firefox

If you are using Firefox 3 (or even Chrome) you should consider to take a look at Mozilla's Minefield. This browser (alpha version yet, but stable) would give a new meaning to "fast browsing experience"... Some Firefox extensions aren't supported, but riding the fastest javascript engine on the planet definitely worth a try. Minefield's install won't affect your Firefox, so there's no risk trying it. It's fast. Really. And I'm loving it.

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Fishy Fingers4271d ago

The article provides you with a strangle link. If you want more information or to try it our yourself >

I've tried it over the last few days and I haven't had any real issues so don't be scared to give it a try. Any problems, it can be easily uninstalled and you can just jump back to Firefox or your browser of choice.

Warning IE users, the speed maybe scary at first ;) (sorry, my little dig at IE).

verb3k4271d ago

In today's trunk it has been enabled.
but "a few days back" you had to manually enable it.

Arsenic134271d ago

I cant find the download link.

verb3k4271d ago


It's written in the n4g article :)

Fishy Fingers4271d ago

To those having problems with download.

For windows: Then click "firefox-3.1b2pre.en-US.w in32.installer.exe" which is the second from the bottom. Just download and install as usual.

Mac/Linux, use the appropriate DL link.

psnDevistator3564271d ago

THIS BROWSER IS THE SH*T Truely the fastest ever!!! Faster than chrome or safari!!! Try it for yourself

verb3k4271d ago

The .zip file is better. It needs no install, just run the minefield from the folder directly.

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elorm94271d ago

Installing this as we speak :)

verb3k4271d ago

Close your firefox before running minefield or it will open a new window.

teh_tourist4271d ago

It's much faster than my regular Firefox 3.0 0_0

zonetrooper54271d ago

Yeh but addons do add bloat to firefox, does FF 3.1 use less memory than 3.0?

Adamalicious4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Saying "fastest javascript engine on the planet" and providing no evidence is suspect. Faster than Squirrelfish? Really?

Just downloaded and tested it in Acid3 ( - it fails at 93 (which is better than FF3), and it also fails at rendering the JS animation smoothly. The current build of Safari ( passes in both cases. This proves that the author's claim I quoted above is false.

verb3k4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Developers are to squeeze even more performance before final, as well as bug fixes.

SquirrelFish Extreme is a great engine, but so is TraceMonkey :)

93 Acid3 leaves 7 points of difference :)

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