Gamer 2.0: Saint's Row 2 Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "The first Saint's Row was a surprise hit, a game that challenged heavyweight Grand Theft Auto in terms of innovation and execution. Although Saint's Row will forever be tethered to the likes of Rockstar's flagship series, developer Volition looks at that fleeting example as encouragement in creating a stellar and enjoyable sandbox game. Saints Row 2 is as every bit as enjoyable as the first game and more, and with a few features that still are implemented better then GTAIV, Rockstar better look out for a potential glory-snatcher on the horizon, cause Saint's Row is not backing down from any challenge.

Saint's Row 2 begins a few months after the events of the first game, in which case your specific character has been blown away aboard a glitzy yacht and suffers serious injuries. It is here where you begin the customization process for your character, utilizing the numerous skin tones, faces, physiques, and clothes available to you to make your own unique character. This one simple feature excels in various ways for Saint's Row 2 as it gives the experience a more personal touch, never relying too heavily on scripted events or character influences, as well as opening up minds of gamers to create the most ridiculous and hardcore gangsters ever witnessed. Your character's appearance will be shown to full scale in every cutscene, so if you happen to go all out and dress your street-tough hoodlum in a banana suit, then watch as he confronts a rival gang dressed as a yellow fruit."

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