15 min gameplay footage of Killzone 2's single player

A huge video of Killzone 2's single player shot at Eurogamer Expo. The second part containing a further 8 minutes featuring a tank battle can be found elsewhere on the site.

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cahill4655d ago


best looking game ever

Drekken4655d ago

This game looks way too good.

Time Lord4655d ago

but you would of thought that in future they would have better & much much much more safer vehicles than that.

Harri44444655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

I'm going to get straight Fs next trimester.

Fox014655d ago

The game really looks fantastic. If only I could get into the beta.. I'd be so happy.

meepmoopmeep4655d ago

the graphics are awesome but what's more important is the controls are spot on this time.
guns feel great, default button layout perfect.

Guerrilla have redeemed themselves, trust me on this.

sonarus4655d ago

The button lay out is good but i still prefer L1 to zoom in for some shots to R3...luckily you can change it to this if you choose

staub914655d ago

This game is so amazing, that it will make everyother game look bad.

Hopefully, designers will realize this and try to make their games better.

K2 may help raise the bar on next-gen games.

Mainman4655d ago

This game is gonna rock hard. Too bad it is an FPS, if it were a TPS this game would've been perfect.

Bill4654d ago

Now everywhere from California to Pakistan, gamers an unite and be in awe of what is Killzone 2. What other console can create such a piece of art? Killzone 2 will be the gold standard for which all games are to be judged. Lets all take a moment and remember and be glad we were here together.

meepmoopmeep4654d ago

yeah, sonarus, it's great to have the customization.
i prefer the default Type A setting though. i guess i got use to it.

GVON4654d ago

this game looks seriously brutal,and even from a low quality vid it looks epic,09 starts with a bang

MaxXAttaxX4654d ago

This game is looking more and more brutal every time I see it.

olivia4654d ago

i tought i was watching a movie,it looks and plays that good,even on a low quality video very impressive

himdeel4654d ago tell us the button layout? If not please elaborate for use that are K2 beta challenged.

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ThatCanadianGuy4655d ago

Mmm Killzone 2

I can't get enough videos of it.Can't wait till it's in my PS3 tho.
09 is going to be one hell of a great year!

Harri44444655d ago

poor 360 cant handle games like this

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The story is too old to be commented.