DreamStation: Red Bull BC One Review

DreamStation writes: "Red Bull BC One for the Nintendo DS is based on the b-boy competition by the same name. It's an odd mishmash of an iPod commercial, simple mini games, and some of the most horribly written cutscenes since Zero Wing.

Red Bull BC One puts you in the shoes of a created b-boy whose one dream, apparently, is to win the Red Bull BC One dance contest. The visual style of the game is reminiscent of Jet Grind Radio, with blocky, anime style characters. While you get to create your character, pick their clothes and such, you really don't get a sense that your character is any different than any other. Later on in the game you can unlock other customization options; these don't add much to the game. The rest of the graphics are adequate for the game and definitely fit the visual style."

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c_twidle5300d ago

I agree with the point about the graphics. It adds to the feel of the game. Besides, a handheld console even as good as the DS would struggle with anything realistic.
For me, it's all about the gameplay, which is fun, refreshing and highly addictive. You'd be doing yourself a favour in buying this game.