Parliament wants your opinion on links between games and gambling

From Eurogamer: "In the midst of all the hullabaloo over at Westminster right now, you'd think video games were at the bottom of the Parliamentary priority list. Thankfully, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee's work continues unabated, as the select committee has now opened its inquiry into "addictive technologies" to the public."

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Godmars29028d ago

More example is needed than ten year olds charging thousands on their credit cards through their tablets isn't enough?

Granted, it shows how neglectful if not stupid the average parent is, but still.

EDKICK28d ago

I think that has more to do with being unsupervised than gambling or addiction. I mean if you gave a kid access to a credit card in a physical store unsupervised more or less the same would happen.

Godmars29028d ago

No. An actual person, a store clerk, would have to take the card and process the card from someone they clearly shouldn't have. Versus an automated system that has already been given permission, giving the online retailer some excuse for taking a sale from a kid.

EDKICK28d ago

....That's my point though, gaming itself isn't to blame replace a game storefront with any other online storefront and you have the same issue. I agree that loot boxes are clearly a gambling issue but beyond that I don't see why this is a gaming centered discussion when its an issue inherent to digital storefronts across the board.

thatguyhayat28d ago

Loot boxes maybe? Didn't get what you want in the loot box and want to try again? Still nothing and try again? Yeaah thats gambling