PlayStation Store Massively Cuts Price Of PS Plus Membership [uk]

If you were ever on the fence about picking up a PS Plus membership, then now would be the perfect time to jump aboard the Sony train.


Admin Note: This only applies for users without a currently active account.

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S2Killinit24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Can someone tell me how this works?
“With Plus, If you have a membership, your friends can download whatever games you own even if they don’t own a copy themselves.”

The_Sage24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

No. It's linked to the plus account. You can download stuff to a portable hard drive, then sign in on your account on anyone's machine, and use it. I think you can download games on one other machine, but you have to be signed in to use them, or something like that.

FITSniper24d ago

I believe they're referring to the Primary PS4 trick where you can log into a friends console with your PSN ID, set it as your primary console, and then they can download and play your games on their PSN account while you also play them on your PS4 while logged in with your PSN account.

But that's not tied to PS+.

RebelWAC24d ago

It is tied in the sense that if the account that you set as primary on any specific console is subscribed to PS+ you won't need another subscription in order to play online and you can play all ps+ games tied to that one account.

And it was never a trick to begin with.

BioShockGX24d ago

It's a good way to save money. You buy a game and your friend buys another game then you both switch the games.

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Donnie8124d ago

They always run these sales right after I just buy a year

Teflon0224d ago

Rule number 1, I always wait until about feb or march, Your always going to get a PS Plus deal by those times

sampsonon24d ago

i just did the same thing lol

rainslacker24d ago

Gotta figure December is probably a big buying season, since many people get their subs when they get new systems, so they come time to renew then. So sales tend to make it so they get the people who waited, or those who want to stock up. My sub comes due in Febuary, so it tends to work out for me, although this is EU only, so I'll have to wait. I have another year saved up though, so I don't have to worry too much.

lipton10123d ago

It was a great price for a weekend in December, like $40 for the year

rainslacker23d ago

I got a couple years last year during some sale in the summer. This stacked on the year and a half I still had left, so I'm good until I think Febuary of 2020. I'm not too worried about it even if I have to pay full price. I was going to drop the service for a while, because the "free" games weren't really worth it, but they've picked up the pace there, keeping me engaged. I have no desire to sub to it for the online stuff. As it stands, I haven't had much time to actually play the games they've offered on it in the past year, but they end up in my ever increasing back log.

Ceaser985736123d ago

I have till Sep 2019. I hope they throw in some offers for existing PS PLUS owners.

DarXyde24d ago

You can always top off with another year.


monkey60224d ago

You can't with this promotion unfortunately.

Mine expires next month so I tried to jump on it now but the offer isn't valid to those with an existing membership

DarXyde23d ago

These promotions looking for fresh blood can really be a drag. Microsoft did it with their $1 for the first month of Game Pass promotion, now Sony did it with Plus.

Well, guess it can't be helped.

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