Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass Price Won’t Increase in 2019

The Corporate Vice President of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has confirmed that the price of Xbox Game Pass will not increase in 2019.

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DerekTweed28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm not saying it will but what would happen if they change their minds and increase the price at some point?

Probably nothing.

Edit: Actually he didn't confirm that the price would not increase. He said that a prediction that it will increase to $15 by the end of the year is wrong. Could be $14.99 and his statement is still true, it's not $15.

UltraNova28d ago

Expect a similar situation to Netflix where they increase the price every 1-2 years. This is unavoidable.

porkChop28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Netflix's entire business is those subscriptions. That's totally different. Game Pass is only one part of MS's business, so price hikes aren't as necessary. Game Pass could increase in price someday, but not every year or two.

Babadook727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

“Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass Price Won’t Increase in 2019”

First it needs a good game.

UltraNova27d ago


True, but we'll talk again in a year or two, if you're still around here.

shaggy230327d ago


"First it needs a good game."

Ori and the Blind Forest, Ashen, Doom, Halo MCC, Rocket League, Mutant Year Zero, Mortal Kombat X & Forza horizon 4 says hi.

UltraNova27d ago


Babadook7 say hi too ;-)

Babadook726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

“Ori and the Blind Forest, Ashen, Doom, Halo MCC, Rocket League, Mutant Year Zero, Mortal Kombat X & Forza horizon 4 ”

Almost all old games. None of them worth the price.

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Obscure_Observer28d ago


Great value for gamers turned into Amazing value!

letsa_go27d ago

I think $19.99 would be an even better value though!

Pantz28d ago

I stocked up to a max of 3 years at no more than $5 per month. Even quite a few free months thanks to Microsoft Rewards, Game Pass Quests, and Mixer giveaways. No need to even pay the full $10 price if you watch for deals.

Palitera28d ago

Nice. Which is the best way to find deals?
I’m on PS4 mostly, but in the next days will probably sign for it as well.

Pantz27d ago

@Palitera During their big sales usually. Last year during E3 I believe you could get 6 month codes for $30. It's a bit of an investment upfront but if you buy 6 of those you'll be good to go. You can also earn free months via by doing tasks, bing searches or even from earning achievements in games.

rainslacker27d ago

Probably reading too much into it.

But to answer your question, if they changed their mind, they'd just raise the price, and this comment would not be addressed by them, but I'm sure it'd be mentioned by the community.

However, generally, MS is more likely to decide this after their fiscal year is up, and analyzing the data from this year, and if they're going to apply it to this year. But they may have already made long term plans on what the price may be for a certain time frame.

DerekTweed27d ago

Don't know what exactly people disagree with. Is the downvote button a "disagree" or "dislike button?

Anyway, I love gamepass, I pay for it every month, if they raised it to $15, I would probably still pay for it.

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Razzer28d ago

Nice! I've gotten a nice pace going with building up MS Rewards points so this is most welcome news.

Kiwi6628d ago

How many points do you get on average as if its decent i'll tell my son about it

Razzer28d ago

You can get 450 per day searching with Bing on PC and mobile. I typically only get about 350 a days on PC doing Bing searches and the activities MS has on their rewards dashboard.

Game Pass takes 9000 points a month. But you are better off waiting until you have generated 17,000 and getting three months.

For me, at 350 points a day nets me about 10,500 points a month. I currently have 17,391 points so I can cash those points in for another three months when I am ready. When I do, MS will send me a redeemable code that I can use on the Windows Store to extend my Game Pass. Well worth it, imo.

King_Noctis27d ago


That seriously sound awesome. I have never heard of this. Maybe I’ll try it.

Kiwi6628d ago

Ok thanks for that info

optimus27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

or, you can save your constant grinding and time and just go to cdkeys. ive gotten a month of game pass there for $1.50 ...i bought several and gave away a few codes to friends for Christmas...granted that was a sale they had, which happens every so often...on average i get game pass from there for less than $5 usually....i'd say it beats wasting time grinding for points just to get a free month.

TheColbertinator28d ago


Kudos on the MS rewards grinding

blacktiger28d ago

so that means it will increase in 2020, cool

letsa_go27d ago

Once all those studios they bought start pumping out games, they are totally going to jack the price up...just wait.

King_Noctis27d ago

I mean, they need money to make games after all.

letsa_go27d ago

@King_Noctis I agree, they are just like drug dealers trying to get you hooked on the product before they jack up the price. They even have it on sale for $1 a month* to pull you in.

*For the first month, then $9.99 after that.

NarutoFox27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

But it will next gen I can guarantee it.

bolimekurac27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

ok so lets say it does in 2 years, thats fair enough, what if with the increase they also add 50 to 100 more games, would a 12.99 price or even 14.99 price a month for 300 games plus all first party games to choose from be worth it. thats still a heck of a deal

NarutoFox27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

That's a good deal if it stays at $14.99 and if the first party exclusives are great without Microtransactions, but if it gets to $20.00 I will definitely question that. Basically it would be like Gamefly. So basically you'll be paying for Xbox live gold, gamepass, microtransactions, and any other subscriptions you have like EA Access all that adds up

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