PlayStation Blogcast 317: Game of the God of the War of the Year

PS Blog: It’s Game of the Year time, baby! Join us as we run down the winners of 2018’s PS Blog GotY awards. Spoiler: Y’all really liked God of War.

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InTheZoneAC28d ago

Funny, I played it for the first time since beating it near launch date. I'm catching up on all the side stuff and secrets, there has been so much stuff I missed out on. It took me a little to go through and remember all the fighting controls, but I'm approaching Level 7 now that I unlocked some better armor. This game is definitely a contender for top 5 all time in the history. People, if you haven't played it that's a damn shame, as polite as I can say it.

Veneno28d ago

I preffered GoW 3 over this one. I just can't get on board with so many saying this is one of the greatest games of all time. I did the same as you. I completed the game close to launch and I had zero inclination to call it one of the GOAT'S or even game of the year.

Dark_Knightmare228d ago

Different strokes for different folks it’s no big deal. There’s never going to be a product of any kind where every person that owns or tries it is going to like or love it all you can do is accept you’re in the minority with your opinion and move on

InTheZoneAC28d ago

GoW3 was also amazing. From the very beginning I was taken away from the scale of the terrain and enemies. When it released you knew everything was going to be big and it did not disappoint. Everything leading up to the boss battle and that battle itself was great. It was probably my favorite GoW until the latest one.