The Master Chief Collection Is What Happens When A Studio Doesn’t Give Up On A Game

It’s now taken as gospel that the future of a game isn’t written in stone when it first comes out. Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege rebounded from a lackluster launch, hampered in large part by its grinding, fragmented progression system, into one of the most successful shooters on PC right now. No Man’s Sky released bereft of a lot of the features players felt led to believe would be in the game, like multiplayer, only for last year’s NEXT update to make feel like a new (and much better) game. Fortnite went from being a cooperative tower-defense shooter most people didn’t care about to a battle royale sensation.

Master Chief Collection never made a similarly triumphant return, but it is a far better game than when it launched. In the four years since it debuted it’s become one of the better examples of how it’s never too late to get things right. Microsoft could have simply abandoned it in favor of people playing the old games through the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program but didn't.

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KingKelloggTheWH28d ago

I hope it will play on the next XBOX, and I hope the next xbox is good.

Femto28d ago

I'm sure both will come true

Mr Pumblechook28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I love the Master Chief collection and am currently playing it, I played the first Halo CE and have many nostalgic memories of the series. But Ethan Gach writing this garbage is the dictionary definition of a SHILL, as is Stephen Totilo's Kotaku for giving him the platform to publish this nonsense.

The whole development of Halo MCC, launch of the game, broken online and years of neglect is a powerful indictment of what Microsoft & 343 Studios did wrong - and this is coming from a Halo fan! Halo 5 suffered commercially because some fans felt burned by MCC (and some other reasons) then thankfully Microsoft realise the franchise was too great to neglect so they understood the importance of fixing it to regain the goodwill in time for Halo Infinite.

I am really happy Microsoft & 343 came back to the Halo MCC, but let's not dress up this return to fix it (4 years?) after launching as a being a reason to celebrate them - they should have done it sooner. The fact that you have this argumentative, failed hack Ethan Gach attempting, poorly, to write a narrative that Microsoft is a plucky underdog and trying to compare this to story of low budget indie game No Man's Sky shows what a deluded shill he and Kotaku is. This is the reason people don't trust Stephen Totilo's Kotaku.

Kingthrash36028d ago

The mcc is old....why was it hard to get right to begin with? Xbl supposed to be the best online service and how hard is it to run very old games? This is less not giving up and more dont know what you are doing imo

timotim28d ago

Not quite giving a accurate representation of what's going on are you. Its understandable though considering.

bluefox75528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Seems pretty accurate to me, they screwed this game up at the start, took them quite a while to get it right. I guess it's understandable that you wouldn't acknowledge that though, considering.

timotim28d ago

I actually agree with your opening statement. MCC was screwed up from the start...and it did take a while to get right. However, Kingtrash didn't mention that aspect at all, nor did I take issue with that stance at all. Let's be clear...its not that they screwed up that I'm disputing, its that fact that he called MCC an "old" game as if it was a remaster/port...not the case at all. What Microsoft attempted to do and finally got right with MCC has never been attempted before. They took MULTIPLE old games and MERGED them into one Uber game while adding a bunch of new elements and content to that package. Being able to hop between multiple individual games in both SP AND MP on the fly, while giving the user both old visuals and new visuals with the press of a button was no easy feat. The reason why it wasn't accurate is because he made it seem like a mere port of a older game made for current gen systems...MCC is much more than that, and no other remaster come close to accomplishing what it does.

annoyedgamer28d ago

I bought it day 1. Hes right. 343 are incompetent. The game was unplayable and even today the matchmaking system doesnt offer BTB which is what halo is about.

Weeblordbad28d ago

Can you name one game that has the ability to switch between 4 different separate versions of a game without reloading entirely in a multiplayer playlist? I can't, so I'm pretty positive you can't either. They really messed up the launch of the game, that's a given no one is going to dispute that. The thing is, if you can't understand the kind of monumental undertaking it is to get MCC to behave the way it does, while remaining 100% faithful to the original games? You and Bluefox755 should probably stop talking about video games.

L7CHAPEL28d ago

Agree with that statement👍 particularly when the opening assertion(KingThrash) is:
"why was it so hard to get right to begin with?" that sort of explains the depth of understanding their coming from, and for the record as far as consoles: Xbox live is the gold standard.
it far exceeds PlayStation/Nintendo or anybody else in that space.

28d ago
Livingthedream28d ago

They probably dont own the game and are reading complaints about the game online lol. I gave it a go recently due to gamepass and it worked flawlessly at least that was my experience.

mcstorm27d ago

I agree with you although I was gutted mp had so many issues as it killed the hype for me and I moved on.

Now they are getting there with it ide love to give it another shot my o ly issues now is I'm a pc gamer due to less time gaming and most xbox one games I play are now cross play so it was an easy move. Love to see tmcc added to this/game pass but I don't think it will and I can hope haha.

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L7CHAPEL28d ago

It's not just running very old games, as separate entitys, that's a huge oversimplification.
it's five different games from five different eras literally, and all content along with the multiplayer that goes with it, on one piece of software,
That's a massive undertaking in anybody's book, even on PC.

CaptainCook28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"how hard is it to run very old games?"

Name a game that you can switch between two different engines without reloading?

spicelicka28d ago

lmao it's got 5 games in one, with two games having seamless switch to remastered graphics and MP literally jumping between 5 different engines. It's been running really well for a while now and shits on most modern MP games no problem.

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AK9128d ago

It’s great now but it should’ve been that way at launch along with games like No Mans Sky.

NeoGamer23228d ago

Agreed gamers need to understand games more before they purchase them. No Mans Sky, Halo, DriveClub, Sea of Thieves and many others have been either incomplete or broken games at launch.

I like that the studios went and fixed the problems with the games, but at the same time these games all had betas before launch and I am sure the studios/publishers knew there were issues. They should've delayed their games appropriately. This speaks to a problem in the game industry. Games are announced to early and then don't deliver on their promises.

badz14927d ago

are you seriously putting Driveclub in the same ballpark as Halo MCC now? Halo MCC was broken for years whereas Driveclub was missing the online for only the 1st month and by the 2nd month, they had the game running 100% with weather and everything. the weather effect is still 2nd to none even now IMO.

GTAV and RDR2 both had their online MP delayed for a month too, you know. I don't hear people complaining much about them like they did with Driveclub

timotim28d ago

This recent MCC tournament has been fun to witness. It showed just how big of a following "classic" Halo still has.

Tross28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

So it is the poster child for many a modern title that wasn't what it should have been at launch, but is well enough into the future once it has received enough patches. Am I the only one that despises this current narrative and pines for the days when games were what they should have been at launch?

timotim28d ago

I should be everything they attempted to be at launch. However, MCC was the first of its kind. If you can point out another game that was as ambitious as it, in the same way as it, and actually got right at launch, than I would be happy to hear about it...

rainslacker28d ago

I agree. While it's good that the devs eventually fixed the problems, they shouldn't have been problems to begin with. Some minor early hiccups is understandable, since not everything can be predicted with an online game, but there shouldn't be that many, and it certainly shouldn't take so long to fix them as this game took. And there are other games that fall into the same category, so I'm not trying to single out this game, rather the actual principal behind broken releases.

L7CHAPEL28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

To a certain degree, I can't help but a concur that statement, overall.
But we're well beyond those days. technologically we've gotten to where it is with PC, and that Simply, games have become so large and complex and capable of so much, that it's just not feasible to think but you're not going to have problems, it's literally now to where it almost every game has a day one patch and I certainly don't like that, I'm just glad we're to the point but they can literally go in and rebuild sections of games, and fix it.
It would it be optimum to never have problems, absolutely, but I remember when it was far worse.
A little-known classic example was waiting SEVEN MONTHS for them to patch a game-breaking bug, with Far Cry 2(you literally were stuck in the game and could not proceed because an NPC would not move or show up) that's something everyone should Google.
and that was only last generation...

letsa_go28d ago

That was "literally" the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen!

deathtok28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The reality is somewhere in between. Many games pre-patch era had bugs or aspects of the game that were problematic with no effective means to fix it.

Agree in general though that developers and publishers rely too heavily on patches.

Lighter928d ago

No well said option is sad, so Well Said.

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