Miyamoto: Something was missing from last Zelda game

Even though Twilight Princess was in development for years, in some ways, fans were disappointed. The game, while not even close to being a bad game, simply fell short of some expectations. In a way, Shigeru Miyamoto feels the same way in that he feels as though "there was something missing" from the experience...

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TheColbertinator4276d ago

One thing that I think was missing is the lack of a real voice for Link.If he did have a voice,he would be much more recognizable and it would give him a more well-rounded personality

Smacktard4276d ago

EWW. Have you ever seen the legend of zelda cartoons?

TheColbertinator4276d ago


No of course not.I know a true voice for Link would be hard to find but at least IMO I would like to see it

ChickeyCantor4276d ago

The whole point of links character is that YOU are link.
when a NPC character asks links name, you don't hear link talking, but yet the NPC gets an answer.
The whole idea is that you actually answer that yourself(of course not out loud just with yout thoughts...or just not at all they will get an answer anyway xD)

They wanted the player to become link.
giving him a voice will make the 'hero' just another hero.

GiantEnemyLobster4276d ago

I hope they either go back to cel-shaded graphics, or use the same graphic style that Super mario galaxy used. SMG was pretty.. Twilight princess wasn't, the realistic style only worked for OoT, mainly because the N64 couldn't produce anything remotely close to realistic.

Ninja-Sama4276d ago


There's a reason why Link doesn't talk.

IQUITN4G4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Steven Colbalt

That would be completely awfull and a betrayal of what people expect from this franchise

Toughen the game some more and less guiding by the hand like how Twilight did

Not including Majora's Mask, fingers crossed we get true follow ups to Ocarina and Mario 64 one day - Wind Waker and Twilight was cool enough but not nearly as epic as the first 3d outings.Galaxy was of course insultingly easy and i don't suppose there is much hope for harder games now from Nintendo

Captain_Sony4276d ago

SMG extremely easy? Sorry I just cannot agree with that. True getting one ending was yes, but getting all the stars was not a simple process. Especially the purple coin missions.

Final_Rpg4275d ago

They can at least let other characters talk... I understand Link not talking. I don't want him to talk either, but everyone else should talk. Give me a reason why they shouldn't talk if you disagree. And 'They'll cast poorly for the voice actors' isn't a reason. I'm asking for good voice acting, I'd doubt Miyamoto would allow any other kind.

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Smacktard4276d ago

Great! I agree completely with Miyamato. Legend of Zelda bored me. It was so empty and rehashed. It was just a bad game. Mario Galaxy was completely new and beautiful, and there were some parts that were great, but I just found it far too easy to be fun. Each level felt like putting together the same puzzle all over again. There were 2 parts in the whole game that I thought "Wow, I really have to slow down and approach this from the right way." It just wasn't for me, I guess. But that doesn't mean I don't think it was a great game. It was. Here's hoping improvements are made!

ChickeyCantor4276d ago

It took a big jump in story telling, from characters to cut-scenes.

Smacktard4276d ago

The Dark World was sloppily thrown-together and boring, the characters were boring, unimaginative, and forgettable at best, Midna was awful, the gameplay was same-ole, but lacked the magic every other 3-D Zelda game had. The world was too open and boring, the game was not challenging at all, and the game took the old Zelda folly of giving you a certain item in a dungeon, using that item in said dungeon, and never using it again to a whole new level. Not to mention that the story line was predictable at best.

It's the only Zelda game (barring the NES and Philips CD games) that I've never bothered to 100%. Once I finished the game, that was it.

kunit22c4275d ago

i completely disagree sure it was missing a little but i still thought it was an awesome game, and i dont even think you like wii or even own one i think you are a ps3 or 360 fanboy because everytime i see you on a nintendo post you are bashing nintendo or their games or their console, or games that are going to the wii seriously why do you come in these posts?? just to bash them... thats cool.

FBl4276d ago

It's still better than the entire Xbox 360 game library

Silogon4276d ago

Mario Galaxy wasn't new... The concept was used in R&C going Commando and R&C UYA... Not only that but Zelda TP was missing the nostalgia and the child-like charm. Zelda doesn't need a mature look... it should always have been grounded in a fable-like mentality.

ChickeyCantor4276d ago

...WIndwaker got bashed for its "kiddy-ness".
It doesn't look that mature at all, its still a colourfull fantasy world.

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